Looking for tips on Raekor Slam


Above is my current build. I can blow through Torment 16 bounties and regular rifts with ease. I’ve just completed the seasonal journey and I’m seeing how far I can get with greater rifts. So far I’m up to 93, but I’ve started having trouble getting done before the timer. After reading through the various guides I think increasing my paragon and gear augments would help. I’m also considering dropping the Ring of Royal Grandeur and Immortal Kings set. That way I could fit in a Convention of Elements ring and The Furnace. I know switching from Slam to HOTA could also probably improve things, but I want to see how far I can get with Slam first.

Thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?

A few suggestions, but bear in mind that Raekor Slam is a minor build, and it’s considerably weaker than our major builds. You’re going to have problems much earlier with this build than with, say, IK HOTA or Fire EQ.

The first thing you’ll want to do is drop the RoRG and the IK pieces. Going pure Raekor will, in the end, prove to be much stronger. Bear in mind that Rumble dumps all your Fury, so your ability to deal damage with Slam is going to be limited; you’ll have to charge to build Fury, Slam, then spend a while charging to refill Fury. You might be better switching to a Slam rune that doesn’t dump 100% Fury on every attack. On the flip side, Rumble does the most damage, so you should tinker with it a bit to see what you like more.

Start stacking CDR and wear Pride of Cassius, then put IP (Iron Hide) on the bar. For pushing GRs, drop Nems and use Parthans. Endless Walk may not be necessary since you won’t benefit much from the DPS boost, so consider a good Hellfire. Optimal rings will likely be COE, Band of Might, and either Unity or Stone of Jordan. For weapons, it depends on what Slam rune you use.

If you stick with Rumble, equip Peak and use Furnace in Cube.

If you use a different rune that lets you spam more Slams, use Istvan’s swords and put Peak in the Cube.

Finally, you’ll want to swap Powerful for Gogok or Esoteric.

Good luck. I don’t think this build is as powerful as Pro-Slam (see the guide in this forum), but let us know how it goes.

Thanks, that’s basically what i thought after reading through the guides. As far as generating fury goes I usually charge 5 times between slams to maintain the set bonus buff. Which is plenty to max out fury. Stone of Jordan would be nice with the extra fury for rumble.

Try this:

Thank me later :wink: