Looking for new players

Looking to expand my gaming friends with women. “Gamer girls”
Ive found thrs better conversation more causal and a better gaming experience.

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How did you confuse Diablo III and Tinder?


They are out there because I have played this game with more than 30 of them. You are right they a lot more enjoyable to play the game with. The only thing the males want in this game is to be the leader board kings.

I was in a game the other day and there was a 62 lady playing the game. I ask her if her Hubby played the game. She told me that he has really no clue how to use a computer. Plus a lot of them are in their late 50’s to early 70’s.

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PC and Xbox Girl here

Bnet unreal83#1222
Discord Akordia#1087
GT Twistedsista#323