Looking for Friends

Looking for a group of friends to play with daily to just have fun and enjoy the game. I am a DH para 981 seasonal
Battlenet: Malorth#1928

Looking to be in a clan ?? Or just friends in general ??

We’re always playing & you’ll make a great amount of friends here!

Website: www overdosed net

Clan OverDosed was founded by Shraps and Slipknot on December 03, 2001

Clan OD has been out for many years, and has a strong member-base; always gaming with one another as a Team, with an excellent amount of Staff Members, & Administration, always there about 24-7, to help out members with all types of questions, concerns, problems, and etc. Clan OD is m25 Rank Structure Clan, and you have many possibilities to climbs ranks if you do the following. logging in on a daily basis, show interest that you want to be here, Staying active in your primary game, Discord, TeamSpeak, or other games that OD may support, Or even try to open up your very own Division in a game you would like to expand. And any type of communication tool that helps us see the activity.

3rd Party programs will not be tolerated so no botting, or anything that will alter Gameplay.

BM - Bad Manners will not be accepted, we’re a Clan that practices Good-Manners!! So we have a ZERO BM Tolerance policy.

Clan OD is a Multi-Gaming Clan Overdosed currently has divisions in Diablo 3, PoE, CS 1.6, Diablo2 LOD, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Broodwar, and many other games. If you do not play any games, and would like to join the Community as well? You are always welcomed to join as that is an option also when filling out the Join Application.

Requirements on Becoming a Potenial OD Member.

MUST Pass your 10 Day Trial Period to become a Potenial Member.

Your Recruiter will be me: Sil3NtKilL(OD)*

We have discord.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Battlenet - Sil3NtKilLOD 1394

Email sil3ntkill @ overdosed net

AIM OD sil3ntkill OD

BNET Channel Clan OD

SC2 Silas 874