Looking for Friends


Hi guys!
I’ve been playing this game a long long time~ since about season 5. People come and go, move onto different games it happens. This season im about 900ish Paragon and I have wiz, zbarb, zmonk to play with. I’m looking for a group of people i could do rats with often or meta with often! maybe daily? finding groups for that is so hard in game! I dont mind grouping for bounties or keyfarming either as well. Would be nice to have a group of friends who are typically available for this type of content! Would make the game more fun for sure. If you are interested, you can add my battletag: Alisa#1185. Hope to see you in game!


sent you an add, I don’t mind if you tag along with me or my mates cause we’re normally doing stupid stuff or gearing other characters over “pushing” as fun comes before stressing over levels.


I added ya.
I’m maining Necro this season.
I’m kinda in the same boat. I add ppl and a few weeks into the season everyone basically has quit playing.

Also looking for ppl to run with consistently.

I play most week nights and a lot on the weekends.


Hey, I’m interested, my battletag FrenKie#2276


I’m lvl 68 soon i’ll be 70 and preparing for a seasons add me FrenKie#2276