Looking for +2 Season 28 Blasters

Playing on PC, EU, Softcore

My friend and i are going to play S28 full time for 2-3 weeks.We are looking for 2 players who will commit to play with us for at least one week.

Feel free to post your preferred class to start and play with.

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What Region are you playing?

i updated the post.
We are playing PC/EU Softcore

Hey, I’m looking for a group, any plans on what you are playing? I was looking specifically to play a necro lod mages blasting group, ty ty

hello, we would start with the dh god set meta with 2x Support, cause i think its better for the first week or so.
we are currently looking for one more supporter: either znec or barb, msg me your btag if you are still interested.

I can play znec, haven’t played it in some time but i can practice these couple days, Theriin#2571

i am indeed looking for a group to blast s28 with for SC, im eu aswell 34y old my bnet is AdmiralPwn#2507 feel free to add i plan to play for anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks.