Lokking for Advice

I’m playing my first Rend/WW barbarian. I really like the near 100% up time on Wrath of the Beserker that the combination of Crimsons and the Obsidian ring can produce. I found a primal Obsidian ring and would like to know what you would roll?

The Primal has
Reduce cool down
Reduce costs.

Looking for people’s opinions. Thank you in advance.

Roll the IAS into a socket, as Rend doesn’t benefit from Attack Speed.

Having said that, at the paragon level your seasonal Barb - Smasher - is at, the recommendation is the standard, core build, i.e. without Captain Crimson. That means you can drop the Ring of Royal Grandeur and include a Convention of Elemants instead, and you’d most likely wear the Band of Might and Convention of Elements (as they can roll CHC + CHD + Socket + Something else), and cube the ORotZ.

More details can be found here…


It won’t matter because eventually you’ll just end up cubing the zodiac.

Also depends on what your goal is. If your just having fun spinning and rending, you could easily keep the zodiac equipped and cube BoM or CoE because these two also have decent sized ranges on their main legendary powers.

I cubed the BoM until I find an ancient one that have good stats and % damage reduction so I can augment it as well…I cleared a 119 on my frenzy and a 120 the other day with the core build wwrend .

I also prefer non squishy builds, I like tanks. On of my clan members are rocking the captain set at 2500 para and is a lot squishier than mine and he even admits he’s playing it like his off season character who has 5000+ paragons.

The general people in the barb forum know a thing or two and the guides are superb but I figured I would just put my 2cents worth into the aspect of doing what your goals are set for. Want to push as high as possible? Do as these fine people say and give it a whirl (pun?) as well as practice at fishing mobs and pulling them along with you. This was and still is my challenge, mastering the rage flip skill.

This was my response earlier on the ww guide thread

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Basically what pheonix said. You cube zodiac always as long as you have a decent band of might(>75%) and COE(>195%) for the extra stat roll zodiac can not provide. Attack speed and resource reduction are 100% useless in the push build. Also keep in mind that in most cases putting zodiac in the cube will cause you to lose a cooldown roll for more damage. Only put zodiac in the cube if you have permanent wrath without that cooldown roll.
[/quote] To add when you are pushing the limits of the core build you want to drop boon of bulkathos passive for the fourth dmage passive.This will make hardcast rend even more important because cooldowns will be tight even at 50% which is what I have on my push build.