LOD WOL vs. Tempest Rush for t16 rifts?

So I got lucky with quite a few ancient pieces for the WOL build, but not sure if it’s worth investing bounty mats to finish the full ancient LoD gear set up.

I’m a DH main and all I know is WOL monks with ingeom are impossible to keep up with. But is Tempest Rush more efficient with Justice and Vengeful Wind with the lightning rune. The movement speed is amazing and you actually kill trash on the way to elites.

Should I finish building the LOD set and test myself and just shut up already? Well I’d like to hear your opinion. Thanks.

i prefer justice for bounty and lon for t16 rift with in göm on but both are incredibly fast

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Iam going with a PoJ TR with ingeom as second weapon. And im pretty sure that thing is even faster than wol.

Even in a very bad rift where you loose your ingeom youre still fast af with movespeed, since youre going for it anyways.

Blinking in between packs or dense trash is like wol. Bosses are super easy with 100% critchance.

The only real downside is, that youre killing the elites by running trough them -> Means you have to turn around for loot. A constantly back and forth may be somewhat frustrating. But for me its actually finally something else than that bell :slight_smile:

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I’m new to speed running, but i found at one point using a speed pylon that i hit 178% movement and was constantly running in circles to pickup orbs.
I’ve cut most of the extra movement speed boost out and use the sweeping belt (hate pressing the extra key to activate) and still can finish GR75 in 3 mins. My 1 primal drop after getting the free one was an In-Geom first time ever i actually had one drop that i’d use
Don’t think i can ever go back to WoL build after the tasting this speed.

I will go with PoJ equipped with Vengeful Wind.
13 SW Stacks x 5% is a huge speed boost across the map.

TR keeps moving while attacking.
WOL had to stand still in order to attack.
Guess who gets to the next area faster?

the thing is if you have to pick up. wol clears all with 1shot before you even see the enemy, tr kills all by a drive through and you have to turn around then

PoJ has the same speed as WOL, when correctly specced, and you kan do gr 100 sub 3 min if you have gear and paragon.

I prefer POJ, but it is all a matter of prefrence