Locked up and Died

Fix your game. How many years has this been out and still getting lock ups. Lost about 70 hours on a char was running a GR 123 and i lockup and die… you gotta be f***ing kidding me


I know the feel, bro. I was killing Malthael on T8 as a bounty. Before he went into his second phase, he was locked in his transform animation, and then finally got a network error before the cutscene was over. Client logged me out, saw no characters, and then when I logged back in, Fenris was mysteriously dead.


condolences :frowning: what i noticed with the 1016’s is that when i don’t log in with the authenticator prompt, i get it often regardless of how good my isp was that day. when i logged in and passed the authentication, i get to play longer hours.

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tbh, this is what you get for playing d3

If you don’t play D3, then why are you wasting your time trolling the boards?


I did play D3, though. If there was a D4 Blizz forum, trust me, I wouldn’t be here. However, I still have to laugh at people trying to make sense out of the franchise’s jester.

learn to pause the game when you have lag spikes, if you push anything higher that GR 100 expect death at every corner. hope you have a good re-roll and came back stronger, if you cant deal whit death softcore is that way ------------->

I have died twice so far to crashes… I actually don’t even think it’s worth it to even try anymore, because the game is so unstable. If i die due to my own mistakes that’s fine, but when it’s because of a crash it drives me crazy.

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Just happened to me, lost a crazy high-level character on Torment 10 with the sound just looping. Wtf blizzard?!?

Same here. 2nd barb lost like this. -_-

You only have 834847 lifetime kills. Your non-season paragon is only 619. You’ve never had a “crazy high-level charater”. Just calling out your huge exaggeration. TX doesn’t kill crazy high-level toons, really ever.

I didn’t see your follower Death Save activate. You didn’t have one or did I miss it? I saw Awareness activate, but not your followers. If you’re running without both saves in HC , personally that’s a mistake.

In any case, sorry for your loss.

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I also just lost a decently geared character. Was running a 115 with a couple other people and server crashed. What else can you do. I love HC and enjoy the intensity at times when my passive is down and I’m on the RG trying to beat a personal best. If I die doing something like that then I am satisfied with my death, however dying to blizzard d3 servers crashing isn’t as easy to be satisfied with. There wasn’t anything I could do. The servers crashed and restarted and my character was dead. A tad unfair to just deal with something like that. Probably done for the season for sure. Best of luck to everyone else though.

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that’s a very poor excuse for what is 100% an issue at Blizzard’s side. They should be fixing this and not ignoring it. It’s a fault with the game design.

yeah it can. dervishes on TX will one shot a s6 impale DH, as will stonesingers. They’ll 1 shot a fully geared s6 impale DH on normal diff…

not much point in a cheat death activating whilst the game is locked up…you can’t do anything. Even a 2nd cheat death won’t help, cos it would have been procced too, immediately followed by the character death.

thats the weys things work, you either deal whit it or play softcore, i dont see blizzard fixin this in the near future

Of course they aren’t gonna fix it, they’re incompetent.

There’s nothing to fix because it’s not broken. It’s working exactly how they designed it to be. They do not want you to be able to avoid a hardcore death by pausing / timing out. There are class passives to cheat death. There are class set items to cheat death. There’s a hardcore specific item to cheat death. The followers can give a cheat death. Do you really need a 4th or 5th cheat death (by pausing / timing out)? When you have 5 cheat deaths, is it even hardcore any more?

If a player is in a situation where it’s possible that when they pause the game they might be away for so long that it times them out, unpauses them, begins the logout process and they die during that 10 seconds, then perhaps they should reconsider playing on hardcore.

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yeah sorry, but I am 100% behind the OP - this is a broken mechanic in the game affecting innocent users.

No, it’s intended behaviour, to prevent hardcore players from saving their heroes from dying just by pausing / timing out the game. Seriously, isn’t 4 or 5 cheat deaths enough that people want another one added?

That’s not his point. He died due to no fault of his. Besides, pausing the game won’t help in most instances. If your Network dies or the game is lagging or Blizzard’s network has a snag, pausing won’t help. It has nothing to do with “if you cant deal whit death,” it has to do with dying unfairly.