List of Severe Issues - Patch 2.6.7

  1. This one’s important. Nerf Bazooka - You guys moved the timing around but the bug is still there. If you want to move the game away from speed 150’s you still have work to do on Wizard. The interaction between Archon and Starpact is clearly broken. I say that as someone who has played Wiz for several seasons in a row and used it extensively. It’s broken. We used it because you said it was OK for us to use. But we all knew it was too powerful. Either buff 2-3 other trash clearers to the same level or kill it. You don’t have a choice really.

  2. Nerf Blighter / Thorns. Blighter is still busted on Thorn procs. No one wants to feel like they have to spawn this boss to get a good clear time.

  3. Inter class balance, Barb / Monk is still undertuned compared to the rest (and I’m not talking about likely exploits you guys let slip to live, there’s a bug report already on Fjord Cutter for Barbs).

  4. Reset the Era Leaderboard properly. You reset the LB then let everyone register clears to the new leaderboard using the old patch. I don’t have to tell you why that’s messed up.

  5. Crusader doing 150 solo, 150 2 player, 150 3 player. If the goal is to move everyone to farm 150 in all game modes then ok. Otherwise this is clearly overtuned.

I mean no ill will with my post. Just want to point out that these issues are still here, and plaguing the game.

We, the community, always point this stuff out to you because we care. If you need help testing this stuff we’re always happy to help.


I am surprised that you did not mention AoV crusader in your 4 points. You may want to add point #5 about nerfing this build.


I can add it, it’s just that Crusader being broken is a new introduction and not something they aimed to “fix”. But you’re right. It’s a major issue.


I wanted to add that monk may be doing better with the new changes, currently someone has cleared 138 (10k paragon but still) at 13.35. They still have some more pushing to be done, but they look arguebly fine at this moment.

Barbs, well, they may be doing okayish (not fine but okayish), some of the top pushers haven’t joined that train yet (they’re too busy player crusader), we may not see WW at the top, but maybe a few suprises. I’m still hoping for slam to have its time in the spotlight, but so far it may be raekor hota that takes the prize, with a clear at 136 with roughly 6k paragon.

And finally, crusader. It pains my heart, but the heaven’s fury portion of the set needs a serious nerf, and the foth portion needs a buff, it’s as simple as that.


Agreed. It was weird to me that Blizzard just released their S19 blog and in it, would quote the patch 2.6.7 notes from 11/12/2019 if they were planning on a nerf. I thought that a nerf was a foregone conclusion.

Well, you got that reply in the other thread so there you go.

Whew, okay, let’s see if I can address these.

  1. Bazooka - we definitely consider this an issue (as I’m sure you can see from our last change), but it’s proving trickier to address than we anticipated. While Bazooka is harder to execute now, we don’t like that a build more or less requires macros to use effectively. This is something we want to address, but it’s looking like that will be a longer term process beyond 2.6.7.
  2. We did make a change to Blighter for this reason in 2.6.7. If this wasn’t enough, we’ll continue to re-evaluate.
  3. We’ll be releasing a small balance patch between now and the start of Season 19 to address some of the balance concerns the community has brought to us. Still getting the final details on exactly what this entails. Stay tuned.
  4. Because we’ll be releasing a small balance patch, we’ll be resetting the Era again. We’re just waiting for that to happen first. :slight_smile:
  5. See point #3. This is also one of our areas of concern. We don’t want to “nerf it to the ground,” but we do want to pull it back. If AoV continues to need adjustments afterwards in either direction, we’ll keep looking at it in the long run, too. Sometimes finding the right balance takes us a few tries, and we appreciate your patience with us while work to get things where they need to be.

I know it doesn’t always look like we listen or act immediately on feedback, and we can’t always act this fast; we’ve had a lot of conversations over the past couple of days regarding 2.6.7 and the areas where we could improve. Having a larger gap between patch and Season launch is serving us well in this regard.

Lastly, I want to mention I’m working with the development team on a blog that focuses on Greater Rift Level Cap and our philosophy/approach around game balance. I think there’s some context the community is missing in our approach, and we want to explain this better and more clearly—it’s just going to take some time for me to put that communication together. I’m not trying to be mysterious; I just want to make sure we’re taking the time necessary to make things clear.


All the forum whiners get their way nerfing things based off non-season 10K para (most likely bots) players. Guess I’m not playing crusader this season…hope the barbs get something at least.


Thanks again for the communication.


Just please don’t give barb players anymore false hope, teasing and dangling possible buffs that only leads to more disappointment is worse than doing nothing at all.


Thanks for getting back to us, Can we expect any news This week or will it be closer to the 22nd ?

so theres still hope for my barb ?


Thank you for the information.

The main issue is that on top of being a huge base weapon damage Arcane Spender, the Star Pact rune has a 1 second fall delay, and this together with the Archon transformation frames plus all the Wizard’s channeling states / items is part of what is causing the issues.

There’s likely several ways to fix it, just pointing out that it’s still going to be a macro fest unless something is done to address it.


If a solution can’t be found for bazooka, please revert the change. The recent change made it way harder for manual users to execute, but macro users will still be able to play it. Basically bazooka was nerfed for legit players like myself and encourages macros even more.


Quote For the Truth.


What is the difference between an extra week gap in between seasons or having an extra week of ptr where the changes are patched and tested, especially the major changes? You possibly wouldn’t need the extra week in between seasons to address issues that could have been found during extra PTR testings. I guess I’m not seeing how the new content is getting to players any faster this way. You also wouldn’t be pressured on time to get the fixes done right before the season launches.

Just curious. Thanks for the info.


I’m sure there’s something profound there, but I just want to say: Barbarian has been support exclusive class for several years in a row, in the dumpster in regards to personal power. I really wish, after season after season after season after season of suckage, you could buff them to be strong NOW instead of waiting for YET ANOTHER SEASON.


Why keep listening to the trolls? Stop nerfing our fun. Leave the saders alone and buff the barbs and wiz build back, or season 19 will have the same meta-group again.


if only blizz had a way to test and patch in an environment that doesn’t affect live servers so you’re not in a crunch when a patch goes live…?


Thx Nev. I’m interested in the blog about the approach to game balance and GR cap, should be some really good insight.