List of Actually Functional Pets

(This post was originally titled “List of Actually Useful Pets” but folks got hung up on the word “Useful”, so I changed it to “Functional”, as a more accurate description of what I was going for… :sweat_smile: )

I’m not much into cosmestic (i.e. non-functional) pets. Interestingly, the game actually provides pets that have an in-game effect (i.e. functional) via items and skills. I found a few and I’m hoping to list them all here for everyone’s reference. Then everyone can have a functional pet of their choice!

Please contribute in comments & I’ll update the list. Please state what it summons too, as I may not have the item.


  • Bovine Bardiche: 1 x Ghostly Cow King + 3 x Ghostly Murderous Cows
  • Puzzle Ring: 1 x Treasure Goblin (normal-to-rare item converter)
  • Nagelring: 4 x Fallen Lunatics
  • Skycutter: 1 x Angel
  • Genzaniku: 1 x Ghostly Fallen Overseer
  • Maximus: 1 x Oppressor (with fire chain link)
  • Haunt of Vaxo: 1(?) x Shadow Clone
  • Corrupted Ashbringer: 5 x Skeletons
  • Golden Gorget of Leoric: 6 x Skeletons


[will work on this later…]



Bovine Bardiche is better placed in the cube to open Not the Cow Level
Puzzle ring also better in cube to open Vault.
Nagle? Useful at low levels but gets annoying fast.

Haunt of Vaxo

Thanks, DoomKiller. List updated! :grinning: :+1:

Sadly, all of those items have limited usefulness after level 70.

Golden gorget of Leoric

Thanks, DoomKiller. List updated!