List of Act V champions and rares

Hi all! Does anyone know where there is an easily printed list of all the champs and rares for Act V, so I can cross them off as I get them for the achievements?

The only statically named “elites” are bosses and uniques. (Names appear Purple)

The names for Champion elites (blue names) and Rare elites (yellow names) are randomly generated from a prefix/suffix type list.

If you are doing the 2 achievements “Stamp The Champs” and “A Rare Breed”, the lists are on the achievement. Just click on the achievement and it will give a drop down checklist with the ones you have gotten credit for and the ones you still need.

2 things to remember:

  1. Most the time it will check off automatically, but sometimes it might take a while even though you got credit for killing the enemy.
  2. Champs are blue and rares are yellow.

Thanks, I know the list checks off, but what I am looking for is one I can copy/paste or print. I can write them out but it takes longer.

Take a print screen of the ach list and print that?


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