Lighting Rune of Spike traps can't work in Natalya

1.Lighting Rune of Spike
traps can’t work in Natalya set 4p (pull not working) and 6p (25% damage stack can not work) correctly.
2.Natalya 4P the pull mechanism is a bit strange and inefficient,it works occasionally.Its effect is far worse than Vacuum rune of Condemn.

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True this rune is totally bugged with the Natalya set.
In addition the pulling seems either bugged too or clunky to the point it looks like a bug.

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The pull mechanism is a bit strange.

Not sure if it’s bugged or just super nerfed in a way to prevent lightning rune from dominating the new rework as it did the old (strafe) rework. Maybe let the lightning rune explosions work with the new set but signficantly nerf them, so echoing blast (cold) and custom trigger (fire) runes are competitive.