LFG to race to 1050 on PS4

I’ll be starting in HC as a monk and could use a leveling partner.

is the new season starting soon? I only ask since I already helped as a group of 5 getting the 1050 #1 in S23 (not me but Prof Song, it was fun helping her along the way but I believe she put in a solid 26 hours give or take) she’s a beast at determination. If you want to get #1 1050 in s24, you will have to be on top of your “A” game since there is someone else that usually hits 1050 and i guess s23 he only got #2 spot by a few hours.

omg… lol i just looked back and you are profsong! hahah im a dork


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Good luck Song. I’m out of it this season. I promised to help last season, but this season, it’s back to the PC race.

This season shouldn’t be too hard to hit 1050. I’m guessing maybe 15-20 hours worst case on the console, 10-12 hours with a super coordinated group.

ouch without BT the chance of success went from 99.9999% down to 75% on getting #1


That’s why you’re there to help out Taetew :grinning:

I can give you the strategy to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and…

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no one can carry a full team thru sprinter on console like you can!

You are the kevin durant of console diablo 3! oh wait that was a bad comparison, his back broke and they lost to my Milwaukee Bucks… lol hahah hehe