LFG on Nintendo Switch for Pl

Looking for another player or players to help me get started on the nintedo switch. just need a quick pl and maybe a bit of gear.

i can help you just dm me your switch user id and i will add you. ive played on computer for years and on switch for the last year. i usually play solo as most my friends still only play on computer. so happy to help you out .

Cool thanks alot my id is : 2990-8635-4696

ok i will add you in few mins just finishing something.

K no prob. will the switch chime or something when i get the request?

should be there now for you

sweet again thank you very much.

you need to make a game highest lvl you can and then i join you in adventure mode :slight_smile:

ok sounds good no problem.

hey if you need anything or want to play and use discord to make it easy to talk let me know we can go to friends discord as i dont know how to talk on console lol

yea that works after this run i will have to hop off to get my kids sutuated. this is my discord name to add me so we can chat FlashyGinger#8763

Witam, gram tryb przygody robię zlecenia zamierzam pobiegać po szczelinach poziom expert, moze byc hardcore zapraszam zainteresowanych do party. Mój kod sw-4625-1841-0029