LF Help Gear Farming for Second Hero (YoW)


I started the season about a week ago after not playing D3 for a long while. I have a Crusader paragon 700+ and can push GR 90ish with around half time remaining. I really just need help getting two complete sets for Years of War for an off-main character before the season ends as my last objective for the season.

So I originally made this post not realizing you can’t “trade” items unless you’re in the same party when it drops. I haven’t really played in groups since that wasn’t a thing a long long time ago. In that case, I guess I’m looking for someone to run any class (prefer monk) besides Crusader on higher rifts so I can get two sets for Years of War.

I can also run an alt character for you with my Crusader if you need help power leveling/farming sets or completing any season goals because you started late like I did.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Battle tag, bullfrog6187 #1572


Whilst you wait for someone else to come along and help in-game, there’s also the option of farming rifts / GRs on your Crusader and then switching to a second hero of another class and spending the bloodshards on that one, so that the second hero gets some set armour.


Appreciate the time you took to respond. But yea, I’m already going to try to grind it out and do exactly that, but I did a lot of grinding outside of work and most weekend to get to this point. It will be a little quicker because I can farm shards and mats on my Crusader, but I’m also lacking the advantage of having a Haedrig’s gift as good as Crusader was this season. I was still wearing yellows in my my jewelry slots into GR 50’s because Invoker is so good and I couldn’t get a justice lantern to save my life. I don’t get the impression I’ll be able to progress as quickly on my monk which means slower going on loot. Thanks though!