LF casual European clan

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am Rhunok/Carnage, a 34 year old dude from Sweden. I have played Diablo 3 on and off over the years. I am looking for a casual European clan on the EU servers with players who play on both Season and None Season. Preferably with a bit of more “older” players around my age in it. Can’t be friends with everyone, but I would love to play in a non toxic environment where people try to at least follow the golden rule and treat each other as they want to be treated, with respect.

I live practically out in the bush and my Swedish accent when I speak English is horrible, which makes me really nervous and causes me to stutter/slur sometimes. I also suffer from severe socialphobia and anxiety. On top of that I’m super shy and extremely introverted, but fear not, all of that will go away slowly but surely as times passes on the more we play together, and the more I get to know you guys!

I’m a friendly, laidback, relaxed, calm and an easy going individual. I’m very competitive and always try my best to win at the same time, yet have a positive reflection/attitude regardless of outcome. It’s only a game after all and I tend to laugh at my mistakes rather than rage quitting.

Other games I play are: World of Warcraft and Warframe. Outside of gaming I like to draw and practice/study martial arts(specifically the Wadoryu style of Karate).

I’m sorry for the wall of text, but I plan to join a clan where I will spend the rest of my Diablo 3 time in, which I’m very serious about. If I seem like I would fit in your clan I would really appreciate if you could either post a comment below with your clans info, and/or add me ingame: Carnage#22910

Hope to see you ingame and have a good one! =)


Hey Carnage,

Sadly I can’t provide a clan with an active roster, since I’m basically the only one active at the moment. My wife plays some seasons, but I wouldn’t call her active, the same with a few other members coming online at the start of seasons.

However we seem to have something in common that I hope maybe can start a conversation. I’m 33 and I suffer from several severe conditions such as yourself including social phobia, generalized anxiety and a few worse ones that I rather not share in public. Basically my mental health is pretty bad. Furthermore I’m a Dane with a thick accent too and people seem to have difficulty understanding me until they get used to it.

I was hoping that you either wanted to talk together and join a clan together? OR, maybe this sounds crazy, but join me and create something together?

In any case I hope we can talk together off forums, since it would be nice to talk and maybe play together with someone who can relate to the difficulties that a bad mental health can bring.

Sorry if this comes off as odd/wierd. Writing in public is difficult, especially when it comes to my mental health.

If you want to talk, feel free to add me: Teddy#22389

Kind Regards

Edit: I just wanted to add that I am on long time sick leave and can/will play most times of the day.

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