Leveling a season 19 Barbarian

I’ve seen in the guides that once you have the optimal setup the skill ancient spear is used, but because I play very casually (still working on chapter IV) I do not have all the set pieces/optimal legendaries yet. To generate rage I have been using cleave and my current setup seems to work ok in torment 1. Would there be a better rage generator for me to use until I can line up my build with the icy veins template?

Use this guide.
WW generates fury with Wind Shear rune and passive Weapon Master with a Mighty weapon in your main hand-right.
Also, you can use Unforgiving passive if needed when progressing.
The guide has all the info. you need to get started on the right path…

It’s a good guide, as are the others I’ve seen, but my question was without optimal gear is the cleave skill the best I can do for rage generation since I don’t have a full wrath of the waste set.

no, you do not need a generator at all. Use the passives and runes from the skills to generate fury. Shouts and Furious charge as well…

The skills you have chosen would be fine, if you had the full set plus BK swords, Ambo’s, Lamentation and Morticks. Beware of following guides too closely if you do not meet the requirements.
For example: Berserker Rage passive does you no good if you cannot generate enough Fury. Changing this to Unforgiving would be a better choice for now.
Use the skills that work with what you have now.
If you find gear that buffs a skill outside of the build you are trying to achieve, or adds extra damage and/or defense (such as Heart of Iron, Pox Faulds, String of Ears, etc.), use it to progress and change back later.
Too bad you extracted Bovine Bardiche instead of using it to kill cows. I made that mistake at first, myself.
Happy Hunting. Good Luck.

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