Lesser soul shards damage increase ninja nerfed

Raxx noticed on his stream today (check the 3h48m mark) that the elemental damage modifiers on the lesser soul shards in the season have been nerfed from 75% to 25%. You can confirm by looking on d3planner.com

No notice from Blizz?!?!
@filthieRich what’s the deal???

Are you sure that it wasn’t a coding error on D3Planner’s end?

But sure, go ahead and come here and throw a fit.

You mean other than the stickied thread with a link to the official patch notes…

Changes from PTR values are highlighted in red…

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Thanks Meteorblade, never got around to looking it up earlier. Have had farrrrrrrr to much peopling today.

I think its more about the datamined part where the gems have 20-25% elemental or 10-15% dmg instead of 50-75% or 40-50% dmg how they did on ptr.


Its the elemental dmg% increase, not the one youre pointing to sadly, but ye its nowhere to be found in the notes

Edit : its the nerf to elemental dmg (20%-25%) and weapon dmg (10%-15%) that got stealth nerfed from the original 75% ele max and 50% weapon dmg max


yep this, good try meteor, white knight failed this time :wink:


What’s the big deal? Even if its nerfed, its jst 1.3x and 1.4x respectively, averaging 2 tiers between them. You ll gain 5-10 tiers by actual playing more than forums / use the right GR tactics.

I think it’s a big deal. If it’s true of course. It’s all about trust, confidence and (lack of) communication.


Yes. Lying in patch notes and total radio silence on the forum.
I wonder why they even keep these useless “community managers” employed.


I want to say that both the Elemental Damage changes and the All Damage changes from the Random property you got was changed back in the 2nd PTR (same time i believe they fixed the all resist value)

No it is something new. At least the elemental damage.

I know because I tried to boost different Wiz builds than FB with the elemental damage from soul shards. That was after the PTR patch and non of the shards rolled ever less then +50% to element x.


Possibly, I have to still go search for some videos from PTR2 to see if they were changed then as I thought I remember seeing them changed back then and mentioned it before (but I could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )