Legendary Gem thought

I was reading some stuff on my battle.net the other day and say something Bout shattered Soulstone and got to thinking. it be Interesting to see a Legendary gem be based off the Sahttered Soulstone from Diablo 2. This gem could even be the first Ancient (or even a Primal Ancient) Legendary Gem. I am not sure what ites affect would be, maybe something like the more I kill creatures the faster my attack speed is or causes me to crit more often. Whats everyones thought?

There is. Red Soul Shard. You get it during the Darkening of Tristram event if you complete the challenge.

The world Shard was shatered into Multiple shards. What i was trying to say in a round about way is they could do Multiple versions that give different abilities. Could even be a way to give us a set ability outside of dawning the set itself and when it hits rank 25 give it something that could work with that set ability thats not normally with that set.

For instance they could have one where it makes the Barbs Anceints stay alive till they die and when it hits rank 25 allows the Ancients to get the affect of all the runes. I feel this would even allow for new ways of playing the game and how builds work for classes. Especially with the Followers changes that are coming. Where if the one Caine set bonues and the one Sage set bonus that have Emanate were on gems, could allow us to min/max our followers gear to help us do Solo content.

So, rework Immortal King set completely. Gotcha.

I don’t think the Gems need to do what Sets do. In fact, they should do what Sets do not.

I only used that as an example to make my point. Which seems to of been missed.

No, I get your point. I just don’t agree with it.

Rather, I would see the existing gems get new powers at level 50, but not those of a class or set as no gem should be tied specifically to a class.

However, it is a fun thought experiment to do your way. Moratorium should affect Necromancer summons in some fashion.

what if there were gems that affected our paragon stats like the Gold gem at 50 starts affecting our gold picm up radius for each LVL tghe gem is

Sure, Boon of the Hoarder could cap its gold bonus at 50, but at 50 (or maybe 75), also unlock a pickup radius effect. That’s the kind of thing I’d like to see - new abilities and no caps (well, other than 150.)

not exactly as rework more taking a set bonus we like from aset and being able to introduce/add it to the set were useing to do a kind of enchnace the set were useing.