Legend of Dreams unique jewel season 23

Hello everyone, I made this question in another forum but I would like to do a new topic related to it. You can benefit from LOD bonus when you don’t have any set bonus active, my question is: Could I still benefit from that bonus if the follower is the one with the set active?

Why don’t you just try it out ?

Probably it’s too noob, but How can I check it? Just watching if my att value changes?

If you open your character sheet, and click on Details, hover your mouse over any of the elemental resistances. If the LoD bonus is active, you’ll see two figures rather than one. The second figure is the mitigation bonus from the number of legendaries / ancients you have on, 2% per legendary, 4% per ancient (assuming a rank 25+ gem). So, look at that value, then give your follower two pieces of the same set, and see if that second value disappears or not.

The damage multiplier from LoD isn’t shown anywhere on the character sheet.

It works, thank you very much.

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