Leaderboards unavailable

Now that the web profiles are available again, leaderboards web pages are screwed.

In EU, we get error 500 for all leaderboards, on US and Asia you can see leaderboards for challenge rifts, but not for seasonal or non-season GRs, because you keep being redirected to CR leaderboards.

If you type in the address manually, you CAN see GR leaderboards but even these pages do not work correctly.

Tell me, do you test changes before they are rolled out to production servers?

Like, at all?

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If you really need to consult leaderboards:

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The leaderboards arent even on the website. All points to challenge rift

One month later and the webpages for leaderboards are still unavailable.

Do you bother to fix them at all? Or do we have to wait for s29 to end, if the problems are caused by the SSF boards?

Website leaderboards are fixed.

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Thank you!

I wonder why they needed nearly 5 weeks to fix it…

The game associated websites are low priority. It’s that way across all the games.

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