Leaderboards are for BOTTERS only

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Bots have been around since the release of D3, even before that in D2 and WOW. I don’t let it bother me. Leaderboards are pointless and Blizzard really should get rid of them as they do not mean anything with BOTs. There is cheating in all games. In the console version, there are no bots, but you have hacked weapons and duping which is worse. BOTS do not bother me directly, so I just play my game and get excited when I get a Primal that matters. It is what it is, no sense in crying, just play the game and if you have friends that BOT, just delete them from your friends list.


'Zackly! It wouldn’t take Blizz any effort to disappear the leaderbords forever. That’s what motivates most, but not all, bots. After that, whatever bots remain are completely irrelevant to anything a legit player does.


Taking away the leaderboards would crush the community. For many of us seasonal players thats what we strive for. To be on that. You take that away whats really the point of playing seasons then?


When there is:

  • No Trading
  • No Magic Find
  • No PvP
  • No ‘insert x’

It’s a real shame leaderboards are useless. That is the only activity for the ‘hardcore’ playerbase.

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Striving for the leader boards when you know you cant compete with the bots is a waste of time. Not to mention really the leader boards are not even worth it. Even if you do make it people will think its a bot and dismiss it anyway.

The only reason I even play the season anymore is to get the pet. But then completing the season only takes a short weekend of playing


if no one would bot, you’d still complain about not being able to compete with unemployed kids on ritaline.


I set goals for myself each season hitting a certain GR level or even leaderboard level. I know I can’t be at the top cause I have a job, wife, kids, and life and stuff but i still set goals that I like to achieve. While yes I am upset people bot, thud etc I don’t let that ruin my personal gaming experience. I play cause I love this game and this franchise. I have since I was a kid playing D1. You have to play the game how you want to/enjoy it and not let other influences negate that. I do hope there is some justice served to those that feel the need to cheat but again I don’t let that get in the way of my enjoyment of D3.


exactly. Even if botting was removed I can’t compete against an unemployed teenager/young adult who still lives at home with no financial responsibilities. they can dump 8 hours into the game a day if they wanted to whereas I maybe get a couple hours a night after my family goes to bed and some time on the weekends if I don’t have anything going on.


Bots dont bother me to much. To be honest I like the fact that hey aim for the leader boards as it keeps them off the game with real players. Let the bots have the leader boards. They mean less then nothing these days.

You are preaching to the choir there. I work 2 full time jobs, go to school full time as well as have twin sons. So I know about real life getting in the way.


Nicely put.

Well, there are some people that consider streaming as jobs. Even if no one bots, you still couldn’t compete with the unemployed/ streamers.

Maybe a fix in d4 is better control of botting, having a cap on how many paragons you can carry into GR, maybe this key’d dungeons.

I think if its done in a way like key stones in w.o.w. then it could satisfy some the competitors, or those that set goals for themselves, as well as improving endgame and longevity. Just my opinions of course. As long as paragons are capped or negated.

We need a solution for both. Botters and unemployed no-lifers on drugs.
An unemployed nolifer on drugs plays the game himself. It’s not like such people should be banned, because they aren’t doing things that are not allowed. It’s probably not fair, but they are legit players anyway.

I’d suggest the following:

-we need more leaderboards, which are divided in classes of time played.

-Class 1 leaderboard: noobs with up to 100h playtime
-Class 2 leaderboard: casuals with playtime up to 250h playtime
-Class 3 leaderboard: pro gamers with up to 500h playtime
-Class 4 leaderboard: enthusiasts with up to 1000h playtime
-Class 5 leaderboards: botters and no-lifers on drugs with up to 2500h playtime
-Class 6 leaderboards: AI Bots on drugs
with more than 2500h+ play time.

something like this. maybe numbers need adjustment idk. but this way you only see your leaderboard in your hours-played-class.

botters, unemployed don’t need to be banned…after all they all bought the game…


Leaderboards are for BOTTERS only

Actually not true statement by OP.

There are plenty of serious, legal, manual players on leaderboard.

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Of course botters need to be banned. They are breaking the TOS Blizzard laid out.

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“Crush the community.” Is this the same community crying about bots dominating the leader boards? As I can’t remember the last season I played, I’m thinking there’s not much point in playing seasons at all until Blizz comes up with better incentives…and dumps the leader boards. As I’m 99 per cent solo, I’ve never worried about who’s ahead of me in any category. Then again, I’m a retired Marine and retired cop, so holding a commanding spot in any game dominated by digits is comparatively machs nichts.


Botters are customers too. Being nice to bots is probably better for blizz. With times-played-categories you’d never have to care about bots.

I’m saying… probably Diablo 4 could somehow benefit from not banning botters… but moving them to other leaderboards… They pay for the game too, and the less blizz bans botters, the more potential botters will buy the game…

More money for bliz = more content for everyone. Everyone win.

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Ok I get it. Good catch.

If botters takes spot 1-79, then the real Leaderboards starts from 80 and below then…


There is no botting program or botter than can prevent you from getting on the leader boards. All you have to do is clear a GR in the time period that would put you on the rank that you want to be. Keep improving your personal best till that becomes reality.

Let’s say that you complete a GR132 at 13:54 there is no botter or bot program that would be able to stop you from being on the leader boards. There is no secret program in Blizz’s leader boards that says you must bot to get there.

No paragons are not the end all be all to getting there either. There are a variety if things that you need to do in order to get on the leader boards.

Just check the time each one played season 19 for all seven thousand ranks, yes all seven classes. Then tell me that a normal player can’t make it there.