Leaderboard reset - Rank orderered by player not rank

There is one issue with leader board off season.

It’s ordered by numeric by player not for rank. Example:

Rank 1:
Player A
Player B
Player C
Player D

Rank 5 (so it counted player A,B,C,D like rank numbers and it skip rank number 2,3,4):
Player E

I think this is normal since everyone on the ABCD team achieved rank 1 together. By doing the ranking this way, you allow the opportunity for a different team (e.g. ABCF, for example if D was on vacation and F was available), to break their record and retain the previous record with D (who would be rank 5 now with ABCF as rank 1).

This is why sometimes you see single players on the 4 person leaderboard (because their original teammates have since cleared a higher GR with a different team).


I’m not discussing this. I’m telling how system was and how it is now.

Before each team was considered grouped by a rank. Now each player is considered one rank. The question is they didn’t announce that change so is that intended ? Just a blue could answer.

I don’t understand. Didn’t check after patch but what you described is exactly what it was.

I had to login to verify

Looks like they used RANK() instead of DENSE_RANK() in the SQL statement.


Exactly. And they didn’t announce that change. The question is: Is this intended?

There was a known bug where the leader board was not properly reflecting recent clears.

That was announced.

I’m assuming this bug was introduced as part of that fix.

link of announcement:

fix one bug, another appears :wink:

Lol. Maybe they are new blizz employees. The old employees would not make the same mistake i think.

it’s messed up and totally changed from previous rankings…

mixing DENSE() and DENSE_RANK() is easy. the wrong one could go in

  1. lack of code review
  2. no unit testing ( just ensure 2 comes after 1, not 5)
    • lack of/improper unit testing
  3. egotistic developer that push code to production without (1) or (2)
    • manager under deadline falls under this category too.

I’ve been guilty of (3) myself. There are platforms to help prevent that. my company is not currently using one.

PS - did you make a post under BUG Reports? I’m wagering that it has a better chance for them to see it there.

I would either move this thread or link to it.

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