Leaderboard placing toast not triggering after patch

According to today’s patch notes, the PTR Leaderboards were reset.
I did a solo GR130, which put me in the top 50 of the solo DH board.
However, there was no splash when I killed the Guardian indicating the rank obtained.

Is this clear better than your highest before the reset? Last time they did this, as I recall, I didn’t get a toast till my post-reset clear was better than my pre-reset clear. I’d still call that a bug, though.

Pre-patch I’d done a GR145.
Post-patch I did a GR130.

In which case it’s a bug because the leaderboards had been reset, meaning the GR130 put me in the top 50 post-patch clearances, but didn’t give a toast showing the leaderboard ranking the clear obtained.

If the toast is linked to my personal best, that’s not right.

Noticed yesterday that if you look on the Friends section of the leaderboards instead of the overall section that my pre-patch clears are still listed so somehow looks like they didn’t clear everything.

PTR leaderboard shows me with a GR130
But at the top of the window it still knows I’ve done a GR145.