Launch Day: Single Play or Bnet?

What’s your game plan?

Personally, I only care about ladder when it comes to online play and so I will be levelling my single player characters come launch day until the ladder starts (sadly without friends due to the removal of TC/IP, but that’s okay).

Whether or not character transfers are a thing (for SP) I think I will just create new ones as it’s a fun chance to start fresh and without GG gear tempting you. If you’re an SP player too, what will you do?

I will only play Bnet. I will start with Non-Ladder, and then when Ladder starts I will switch over to playing Ladder. Single Player does sound nice, though, since you can sell just 1 SoJ to spawn DClone! But, I’ve always been a Bnet player! Only played Single Player some long ago! :slight_smile:


Imo there’s no reason to play ladder now since non-ladder will be exactly the same (the only difference being the ranking but I dont care, Im not reaching 99 in 3 months, I dont plan/have time to race with bots for that).


I still like playing Ladder for the fresh start. Also, they still haven’t stated how long Ladders are(more than likely 3, 4, or 5 months). Also, if there are no bots, and Ladders are 3 months maybe 97-98 will be highest, and not 99. Although, people will probably still be able to get to level 99 because the Ladder is going to be global(one Ladder leaderboard across all platforms - PC, PS5, PS4, XBox, Switch, etc.). No more separate Ladders(USEast, USWest, Europe, Asia).

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Well, I mean there’s no reason to play 1st ladder, because we will have fresh start already on non-ladder on the launch day. So why bother fresh starting ladder if it begins lets say 1-2 weeks after playing nonladder.


If the servers are pooping them selves. Which is a very likely occurrence lets face it.

I will go to offline SP and move over my SP characters I made in prep for it.

While I enjoy Multiplayer a lot more then SP, MY NEED to play D2R wont be held back by server status.


Battlenet for sure, even if they have trouble at launch time, I’ll stick it out.


My first playthrough will be single player Paladin. After that I will start a battlenet character to play with friends


Correct, but I’ll play the fresh start on Non-Ladder just to play through the game to check all the Acts, etc. Take in the whole D2: R experience! :smiley: Then, start Ladder when it’s up, and running! :slight_smile:

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I couldnt bare finding a GG item in SP and being like:

“Hello?.. is anyone there? I found this item… anyone?.. crickets


You could always be one of those streamers who shows off their shiny stashes :d

With the ill advised alterations to Ladder it is functionally dead. NL BNet 2.0.

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Bnet for sure, but I’m debating whether to solo (I have to work, can hop on at work for a bit, then play later in the evening) or just yolo honestly and pub it the whole way to Hell Baal.

The only time im soloing is end-game MF

Everything else will be done in a pub

Theres plenty reason but ill let you pretend there isnt. Make youll be able to figure it out.

I love fresh ladder starts personally. It’s fun competing with people to get geared the quickest and then host baal-runs etc.

Non-Ladder and Single player.

I highly doubt I will play ladder D2 until they add more leaderboards. It’s not fun to level to 99 in my opinion. I would much rather have an item find leaderboard which tracks drops that you found yourself and tallies up some sort of score based on what you found. Still based on bragging rights, similar to the level 99 board, but something different to work on.

I would also like to see a Solo self found mode for D2 Ladder. (SSF and SSFHC) Would also be interesting.

But even with SSF/SSFHC, I feel there needs to be another leaderboard, not just level 99. Something inspired by item finding. Like a high rune leaderboard where every rune Lem+ has a “score” associated with it. If you find one in SSF/SSFHC, you get points toward your total leaderboard score.

Multiplayer D2 is pretty much baal runs 24/7. 1-15 Trav, 15-24 tombs, then its just baal runs. I’m not excited about that aspect at all. It would be interesting to remove baal XP the way it is. It would change the way we approach the game to hit 99. Possibly make a few more areas ilvl 85.


I’ll be jumping straight into SP! I was under the impression that you will be able to transfer your SP characters from og d2 though? They marketed the remaster with that being one of the main things they said… I will be really disappointed if you can’t play with your old chars.

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Bnet. I’ll stick with non ladder, play an occasional ladder if they do themes. If they do some sort of new LAN or open bnet type mode for SP, then probably switch to SP.

Yeah would really appreciate some kind of option for multiplayer play on SP due to the fact TC/IP is removed. It wasn’t often that I did it, but I did do it sometimes. You can have the SP functionality but with a friend, and of course people don’t want those changes on open or ladder which is fair.

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