Lamentation Nerf is staying in

I suppose there is still an incredibly small chance it is reverted, but looks like Nev just confirmed the Lamentation nerf is intended and will remain in place, at least for the next season.

Also confirmed, barbs being in the same ballpark as Wiz/Necro = “overshot it”

Other key takeaways, patch will be super soon, but we already knew that.

Blizzard has no plans of breaking the trend, so of the confirmed classes for D4, you will want to go Sorc or Druid - probably druid.

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Yup, exactly what we’ve become accustomed to, guess maybe ill roll Sader, if i play s19 at all :confounded:

I was so hyped to finnaly do something as a dps barb and WW is so fun but oh well time to say f u season 19. I really wanted to play group and speed farm as a dps barb and not zdps barb for 18 season in the row.