Kill bosses in 20 min

Is this possible on the console? What’s the strategy? Thank you for helping and any advice.

I always thought it was impossible, but with the advise from this forum, I got t done! Did it on XBox & Switch.

I used a GoD Arrow Speedbuild, so with a Boon of the Hoarder, and just mowed them down, without picking up any treasure but still waiting out dead-animations, and realising that I don’t have to do the x-tra boss from Act 2.

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Entirely possible, yes.

Have done it with a witch doctor, demon hunter, barbarian, and monk. In theory, a pony crusader could do it, too, but I don’t like that class (nor do I really play the others, except necromancer sometimes.)

Important things are to just keep moving. Do the long boss entries first, like the spider queen (Act 1) and Adria. It helps to get them as a bounty but not required. Do not go after Vidian - he’s not on the list anyway.

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I’ve done it with a speed G.O.D set with 2 minutes to spare - just need to learn your routes and prioritiize the harder ones to get to

LOD Magic Missile Wizard would be cheese mode for this because they can teleport foreverrrrrrr

What about having to quit the game to select a different act?

This conquest is done in Adventure Mode.
Why would you need to leave the game to travel between map locations?

On PS you have to quit to get to the menu to select a different act

Are you running this in campaign mode? In Adventure mode, you can travel anywhere on the map in the same game.

just remember speed kills. As long as you can one shot the bosses, it is pretty easy on console. This season I did it on my 1st try.

For switching levels, the shoulder buttons on top should allow you to switch to a different act.

If you quit the game between clearing enemies, that resets the conquest. Don’t worry though, a lot of people have fallen into that trap.

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Thank you everyone! I’ll try to achieve the conquest when I get some time. Thanks again

See this build, I went with the Nephalem rift variant for this build and it iS FAST… I was able to complete the Boss Mode (kill all bosses in 20 minutes) with at least 4 or 5 minutes to spare.

With Aether Walker in the cube and your main attack a signature spell you can teleport forever and never run out of arcane power. Plus your attacks are super fast and it melts things quickly in T 10

Here are the ones I did FIRST since they can be annoying or take a bit of time to get to get to quickly.

Act I - Spider Boss Araneae
Act 5 - Adria
Act 3 - Seige Breaker
Act 5 - Urzael
Act 3 - Cydaea
Act I - The Butcher
Act 5 - Malthael
Act 4 - Izual
Act 4 - DIablo

Use raiment monk with infinite dash. Its the quickest and easiest build. Load times are what kills this on console.

I did it playing multi shot DH, on a intel Mac mini with 3 min to spare. It has the worst loading times for sure.

That’s a pc, not console. Consoles have it the worst especially if you are still running on the older systems.

Who cares. But a Mac is not PC (windows). D3 loading times on PS4/Xb1 is faster than on Mac mini. In any case, monk aside, any build with a movement skill can easily finish this challenge on Normal mode on any platform.

Thank you to all. Finally got it done and finished the season. That dog pet is so cool. How about rift pushing on the console? I’m stuck at 90 barely finishing within 15min. At P643 I feel like I should be getting farther. Any thoughts/help? Thanks again

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Running GR90s in a reasonable time is very doable at your paragon level as long as your gear and build are appropriate. You might want to check out builds online such as at Most websites are more tailored for PC, but I’m sure you can figure out how to map your skills onto the controller. That’s really the only main difference.

Speaking of skills on the controller. Make sure you have “Elective Mode” selected in the Options / Gameplay menu. This allows you to assign skills to any button as well as multiple skills from the same group.

Keep plugging away. Find better gear. Make sure the gear is rolled correctly. Level your legendary gems. Rinse and repeat. I mainly play on PC but I just looked at my console demon hunter. It’s currently only paragon 668 yet did a GR90 in just under 3 minutes using a Gears of Dreadlands build. Nothing special about it at all. So, as I previously mentioned, it’s very doable.

I completed this on Switch with hotf steed, t16, p600, and while picking up loot. Completed acts 5 to 1 bosses in that order. Fun

The older consoles run slower than pc. End of story. Longer load times means it was much more difficult for people to get the achievement. You should re-read my op when I said the older consoles because load times are great now. And no, any build wouldn’t do that back then, because again, the load times. I can see you didn’t play on it back then so you don’t have a clue but are posting an ignorant comment without any basis to back it up, only your own assumption.