Keep D2 gore in game

Any gore you seem to think D2 had D2R should have it .The new engine does nothing more than run over the top of a running copy of the original improving the GFX. The game should still have a ESRB rating of [M] 17+ because you need a copy of the original to run it and you can toggle the GFX back and forth .

While you are right that it is running on top of the old engine, that does not mean they could not remove gore in the environments and from attacks/spells. They certainly could. Though given their attention to detail to make this as one-to-one as possible in terms of what is being captured, I would agree it should have all the gore, and probably emphasize it more given the graphics. I would expect to see bodies hanging from spikes near Andarial, pits of blood before her thrown, corpse explosion generating a large splatter of blood, and massacred people throughout the palace cellar, etc.

If they can turn a couple white pixels into garlic, just imagine what they’ll do with a few red pixels. There will be as much or more gore than there was in the original game.

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No reason to remove or edit it at all. It still will have an [M] rating because you NEED to have an original copy running underneath and can instantly toggle back and forth .

It seems to me people forget all the torture devises with corpses ripped apart around them, entrails all over the place, blood pools and blood trails all over the place, or the bloody chunks of viscera enemies turn into after some deaths. It’s just D3 is cartoony and colorful. Which the graphics aren’t even cartoony, proportions are all normal for realism. Some armor and weapons may be larger than one would expect, but it’s hardly cartoony. TL is cartoony.

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Well that’s simplifies it and ignores all the work VV did to actually render all in game assets to 3D. The engine doesn’t just do it. It was all hand made.

A lot of stuff in D3 is nicely done. But again a lot of stuff is very cartoony. People tend to remember bad sides, obviously.

Like what besides the obvious Whynsidaly stuffs? I’m genuinely curious. Because 1:1 next to TL, which is cartoony, D3, looks like realism.

Some armor pieces, esp. pauldrons and helms, weapons, butterfly boss, laughing skeletons, purple mario lazers, wowish objects/buildings proportions, etc.

Very minimal all of those IMO. Nothing compared to WoW, or Torchlight. Like I said, compared to cartoony games, D3 looks realistic. But like you said people focus on what they don’t like so that mole hill becomes a mountain to them.

Yes. And don’t forget that people compared it with its direct predecessors: D1/D2 which had no cartoonish stuff at all. This is another reason for a such widespread criticism.

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Again, uncalled for since it really isn’t.

D3 has a lot of corpses littering

And also TC, please post in the correct section:

If this is the case then why on D2R’s on website gore was taken out ? Use the slider and compare Radament lair scene you can see a champion explode on death in original leaving large amount of blood and body parts. Then slide it same scene ZERO blood and body parts in D2R. Just a couple bones.

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D2 and D2R are pretty much the same game. I don’t see why can you guys discussing at D2 general discussion…unless you guys don’t have the original D2 as well? If yes, so much for being D2 fans.

There is a good reason why they created the D2 General Discussion section in the D3 forum. It is to let you guys who didn’t preorder D2R discussing D2R there.

So yeah, until the moderator actually saying that it is OK to post D2R in D3 General Discussion, the forum rule is still applying here.

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And you are not a mod either to tell me not to do that.

And next to Ni No Kuni, Torchlight looks more like realism.

I think for me and many others, the environments were the nicer part of Diablo 3 (usually…sometimes not so much), looking kind of painterly. The characters however were so over the top, with massive pauldrons that didn’t even look connected, and gear that just was so big, not technically realistic looking at all, and had almost a cell shaded quality. Then you look at the items in the inventory (which obviously were so much smaller so it is not easy to compare, and the artwork also looks much less realistic and more like a simple drawing to convey what the item is.

I disagree with your initial statement. Nothing can make TL look realistic. Proportions and animations are too far off to resemble realism.

I get the cauldrons aspect and even mentioned it. But overall D3 is much closer to realism than cartoony, and is chocked full of gore. It’s not over done or excessive like many think these games need.