Kadala wrong gloves

Just noticed on a new Demon Hunter that Kadala is handing out Necromancer gloves.

Does kadala always give items out in the smart loot table? I should know this but honestly can’t remember.

Even Smart loot is 85%/15% for your class. So you do have the chance to get items for other classes, and for your items to roll with the wrong stats.

Smart loot reduces the RNG, but not totally. I don’t think that is a bug.

Wanted to upload a screenshot. Out of 27 buys, 22 were yellow / blue and 5 were Grasps of Essence

were you gambling on very low level might be that kadala has no gloves that can drop for you class yet but you roll a legendary so she gives offclass loot since necro gloves can be gambeled from lvl 1


I had completely forgotten about that. You nailed it.


Kadala does not give smart loot, but 100% loot for your class (including class independent).
Only exceptions I have ever seen was on sub 70 characters. Probably for the reason NiiNii mentioned.