Just wondering about the Ethereals

Just started playing WD and having trouble getting a decent Eth. The other characters I played had +200% to barb or whatever, but with WD I’m getting +200% to Decay or Voodoo or Secondary skills; which makes it more difficult to get a decent weapon. Why did they do this?

It was originally +100% to all skills, just like most Ethereals, but I think community feedback made them want to buff Witch Doctors for this season after PTR. We should thank them because it made docs a powerhouse in solo and group, outshone only by the much easier, more consistent, and slightly faster wizards (featuring +300% to all skills btw).

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Yeah, but the problem is that the things are rare anyway, and then 2/3 of them have the wrong +damage type, and when you get the right one then you’ve got to hope for the right affixes.

I guess you’re at the point when you’re just starting, maybe searching for your first ethereal for your first set, which is easier for other classes. But for almost every non-witch-doctor build in the game that you try to complete, you also need one specific ethereal, and it’s usually harder to get. Examples:

  1. To complete Witch Doctor’s best builds (spirit barrage or carnevil), you need a specific ethereal, and one out of 2 powers - two of them have no range (Echoing Fury and Sacred Harvester). The pool size for powers is 14.
  2. For wizard’s Firebird, you need a specific ethereal (whether solo or group) and one out of 2 powers - both have ranges. The pool size for powers is 19.
  3. For monk’s inna, you need a specific ethereal and a specific power. The pool size is 13.
  4. For Demon Hunter’s GoD, you need a specific ethereal and one out of 2 powers - one doesn’t have a range, the other has a huge range which matters a lot. The pool size is 15.
  5. For all Barbarian builds, you need a specific ethereal, and one out of 2 powers, out of which 1-2 have a range. The pool size is 14.

I hope it’s obvious now that for Witch Doctors it’s amongst the easiest in the game to get a good ethereal, and even for getting started, it doesn’t really matter what power you get on yours, as at least one of the weapon powers for most (all?) builds translates to a bit more damage/toughness, and doesn’t make or break the build.

You don’t have to be condescending. I didn’t have any trouble with the others. Played Necro, barb, DH, monk, all fine. Some of it HC too. But I’ve got one with Decay and I’m playing SB, all the others are useless.

And you’re not even playing WD…

You shouldn’t take it as condescending, it’s a bad practice for life.
You asked why witch doctor ethereals are different, I answered (community feedback), you lamented about how hard it is to find Witch Doctor ethereals, and I showed the statistics that you probably weren’t familiar with to explain it’s in your head.
Since it matters to you for some reason, I play plenty of Witch Doctor, and I don’t know how you reached this conclusion.