Just realized something about Furious Charge LP on Eth's

I’m sure a few of you have found it already, but I think a serious question needs to be answered here (which unfortunately doesn’t really matter in the end) you get an LP that is 100% of your movement speed increases your charge damage and Standoff has 500%. Do they stack? Like I said, it doesn’t matter unfortunately because Raekors isn’t built around charge like it SHOULD be and you can’t wear 6/4 with IK/Raekor if you use this weapon.

PTR 2.7.1 Blog

  • Legendary Powers and Class Passive Skills rolled on Ethereals do not stack with the same power equipped through Kanai’s Cube, Items or Skills.

Clearly. Thanks for taking my post out of context. There is a clear and concise reason I asked. If you didn’t notice 100% and 500% aren’t the same values.

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What you mean about LP? Lacuni bracer?

If so, I think lacuni doesn’t override the max of +25%.

If you use Chilanik’s Chain + beserk + sprint + ignore pain I think you could overcome with also echoing fury. For better results on MS.

If you sum that with 1050%*(3 times from grim/doom) could mean about 3150% dmg if you use LOD multipliers could do a decent amount of damage, if you use raekors then you would need be more creative.

The most based on ms I could think of would be this, without much sacrifices and considering 3 times the base charge damage (instead of 1050% would be 3150%). I’m not sure if echoing fury can work either, so you could swap for another twohanded weapon if needed. But I think grim was the best choice for the slot, so anything that could improve damage or survival or ms could be welcomed(maybe even in-geom).


I hope it helps.

What the heck are you talking about? Am I speaking a different language or something?

Well, the way you said, appeared about charge based builds and quote certain stuff like Standoff. Which means most likely related to MS+charge itself, so I recommended creative way to deal with Grim eth with charge.

If I missintepreted, maybe you could clarify better to have proper conversation. Because was what you made appear to be. What your purpose about saying “LP” and what purpose of those 100% and 500%, because you quoted several informations based on MS but didn’t informed from where.

Or just you trying to say that you got an ETH item with standoff propriety with 100% roll instead of 400-500% range? If so would be a bug on random affix pool and should be addressed.

To help you we need to know more about the situation.

This is clearly what is being said. The only thing that could be construed as confusing is the “LP” parts as it isn’t used often. Figured people could fill in the blanks but I was wrong. There’s nothing else to be explained. Eth has 100% instead of 400-500% like standoff. Not sure what else is to be said here.

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LP is Legendary Power right? If so, on eths they toned down some dmg modifiers because of +to skill dmg stats. But if the description of the power is the same, it’s the same power so no benefit of haveing double. If that is what you were asking. Also you could’ve tested it.

I don’t want to test it, don’t care to test it. The point is, which I will reiterate for a 3rd time, it has the Standoff power but with a different multiplier. So it makes me wonder if it’s a separate multiplier.

No because it’s the same legendary power. It’s like haveing a Standoff in the cube and one on the character.

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Yeah, the image of that weapon with that LP looks like a bug in the description, minimum that can roll should be 400%, right?

By the way you said, it’s a bug on description but could be also a bug on how it works. So your concern it’s about the standoff effect on the ETH weapon being 100% not the usual 400-500% range, so it’s clear a bug or unexpected behavior. As PTR I think you could repost this issue on PTR BUG Report.

Was confusing at beginning but I’m glad you checked this stuff that could avoid problems later in the future, also helps folks keep eye on the % to search if other items have unexpected behaviors also.

Edit: I took the liberty to create a post on PTR Bug Feedback with information about this thread