Just here to ask the 2-3 season 23 witch doctors what's good

Do you both play Mundunugu or is there another good build? Do other players freak out and ask either of you two why your necro is hunched over and talking weird?

Basically mungu and sometimes LoD dagger of darts. Only cause the playstyle is fun. The numbers and results suggest not to create a wd this time around.

I played Firebats this season (weak and clunky) but then went off on my own tangent because I was tired of Mundunugu.

I also ran:

  • A pure Zombie dog build (which could actually GR 90 solo)
  • A zWD build with BBV and the jumping (knockup) amulet 100% uptime.

i kinda wanted to believe there was only one WD playing, but you ruined it. Literally doubled the population.

Your troll thread has failed.


I gave zombie bears a go. I liked it but found it beyond annoying even the ground stopped them flatly. I mean, a piece of grass and “halt the herd!”

I do not like most of the “official builds” but fetishes are fun if not very effective (at least the other 3 times I tried them.)

I think I won’t bother with the class. Also, they need to remove the Parkinson’s from the animation. It is highly offensive.

With the ethereal items, WD is one of the best classes next season. Zuni’s is going to be able to clear 150 at some point and munu’s can probably as well.

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That may be true, but one of my reasons to play season is to find a build I might want to continue in non-season, as then I have as much time as I want to experiment. Reliance on an item that cannot and will not transfer over means the exercise is effectively pointless… except for the season itself.

I might give WD a try as a tertiary character but it will not be a main. At least it still ranks above wizard and crusader, in my view.