Just a quick suggestion for Crusader

Eternal Union increases phalanx by 400% damage instead of 200%. Easy fix to give it some “oompf”

-Increase the damage reduction for Aegis of Valor.
-Fist of the Heavens seasonal power should trigger the buff for 2 Pieces Set Aegis. (make 1 every 1 sec)
-Add power to Fate of the Fell that increases the attack speed of Heaven’s Fury.
-The Final witness shield increases Sweep damage by 400% to enemies that are blinded.

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If you ask me crusader need a damage buff to everything apart from the Valor which need a survivability buff.

Want to see a better way to fix everything? It literally is a Silver Bullet for Crusader.

Drakon’s Lesson
Increases the damage of your Secondary Skills by 500%.

LoD Blessed Shield, Seeker’s Blessed Hammer, Roland’s Sweep, AoV Fist of the Heaven’s all will achieve GR142-144 at 5k Paragon. Complete balance.

Making Shield Bash awesome looks like this.

Flail of the Ascended
Your Shield Glare gains the Divine Verdict rune and deals triple the damage of up to your last 20 Shield Bash as Holy damage.

Piro Marella
Increases the damage of Shield Bash by 750%. Shield Bash now costs 5 Wrath.

*Pound the Physical rune is clearly the best one. You want to land 20 Shield Bashes within 8 seconds to release in the Holy cycle. We want the behavior to double dip on the elements.

The average Shield Bash hit in the CoE cycle should be around 40T. If you land 20 of those, you’ll have 800T of pent up damage that gets released at triple value 2400T.*


They should really look into saders overall especially Akkhans and phalanx. But I suspect they’ll most likely do it next season if the PTR did finish yesterday.


I am crossing my fingers that either Mon or Tue patch notes will be updated with some good buff/fix news for the Phalanx build. If not, then the build is a dud before it even launches.


It might be challenging to communicate which multipliers work in the red text. I am expecting the need to retest everything once it goes live.

We’ll just have to see.


Since there are still two weeks to the end of the Season 26, Blizzard will have plenty of time to optimize the Akkhan Phalanx Condemn and the Magic Missile of DMO, they were too weak in the ptr Phase 2.If they don’t make changes, the next patch will undoubtedly be a disappointment.


Honestly, same…

If they don’t do some MAJOR re-works to the angelic crucible buffs, the only thing I see being remotely good for STR class is barb WW… again… kind of tired of making a WW barb almost every season just to farm up gear for other classes/builds because it’s one of the quickest to be powerful enough to speed farm with.

For crusader, I wish they’d scale up the akkhan set, the shield throw damage slightly, and buff khassett’s cord of righteousness to make it so you could play either FOTH or HF… like a flat 300% on the belt would make it way better and an alternative choice. Shield bash could be insanely fun with some buffs, as well as a better buffs to invoker…

I have a whole list of buffs that would put each of those builds up to par with some of the best in the game, but blizz almost never listens to PTR feedback on item changes, even when they specifically asked for it a few seasons back.


The Cru undoubtely replace the WD as the weakest role in D3. :rofl:

Well for one seson shurely.

Well now that they tweeked the Akkhan set, maybe they should buff Norvald’s set to 400% again… The other builds that used Norvald’s got nerfed bad just because they tried to nerf thorns Akkhan.
Please buff back.

Please dont, just set Norvad buffed to one set only duty and then buff other sets without fear of Norvald being added to it as well. I hate that set is bis for almost every crus build and the play style it forces. Please just a few viable ( viable meaning can push GR 120 around 1200-1500 paragon) builds without horsey.

D3 should get rid o CoE… the worst designed ring ever

If we had rings that dealt 50-60% damage, and possibly more in other situations, it would shake up the jewelry options. But sadly these rings are terrible and they want to keep it this way:

  • Hellfire Ring
  • Pandemonium Loop
  • Leoric’s Signet
  • Broken Promises
  • Arcstone
  • Wyrdward
  • Rogar’s Huge Stone
  • Nagelring
  • Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band
  • Band of Hallow Whispers
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No thanks… Norvald’s set is clunky and absolute trash to use. Honestly it wasn’t even that much better than running other stuff when it WAS used, it was just a min/max gain and people exploited it.

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Norvald’s is decent gameplay with pure Fist of the Heavens only.

Really the main dps skill has to be simple, semi ranged and or without mixed Attack Speed for usage of Steed to not create clunk.

  • Heavens Fury: FotH + Steed + Blind + HF (4)
  • Fist of the Heavens: Steed + FotH (2)
  • Punish: Steed + Punish (2)
  • Bombardment: Punish + Steed + Iron Skin + Bombardment (4)

In retrospect, Norvald’s would have been better as a 1h Flail + Shield combo, it would have made Invoker usable and horse activation less clunky.

IMHO, the current best usage Fist of the Heavens.


Shields aee just underpowered ,and thats why Crusaders are always weaker tha the rest…
You HAVE to use Shield…which means 1 less stat , because Mojo Orb Phylactery and Quiver all have 5 stats.
Shields not only have 4 stats but they also roll with Block which is uswless unless you use Justice Lantern with wven which only 55% is used as dmg reduction.
And not only u got 1 less stat and non usable block stat , you also dont even have any serious Dmg block from Blocks , it is insignificant.
Plus dont forget the passives that work with block (Hold your Ground , Divine Fortress , Insurmountable and Renewal) from which only HYG is used and ONLY when u use Justice Lantern.
And for 2 handed builds u have to lose rhat 10% dmg, which further s8cks since no other class has a dng loss passive skill.
Overall if the rework block to be better , fix the shields by adding a 5th stat at least and making the passives so they can be used at least ONCE before this game dies Crusaders might be able to do something.
But even if for so long didnt think about theaw changes , if they just found out give it a nice 2 years to be made , considering it took them that much to make a Phalanx build even though they killed Akkhan Bombardmwnt , and even if they fix crusaders by then , D4 will be out and probably better games…
So in general Crusaders are screwed…
Dont hope.

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Yeah and exactly on that FOH build any sane person would love to be able to use darklight as best choice for the build I imagine (I can be wrong ofc), well good luck if you try. It is fun, but your results will be limited due to design choices though way better as old phalanx archer builds. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think some people are complaining with belly full and rested about Norvald’s set…
Aside from WD which have Shukrani’s Triumph, Sader is the only other class that have an item that buffs your overall damage using its mobility skill… But lets compare the 2 shall we?

Pieces needed:
Shukrani’s Triumph - 1 piece
Norvald’s Fervor - 2 pieces (+passive)

Damage increase type:
ST: 100% Additive (can Vary)
NF: 400% Multiplicative (before… now its 200%)

Usage time:
ST: Until you attack 3 times (even no damaging skills) or met an Elite but overall 2 seconds (3 if you use Jaunt)
NF: 4-5 seconds during + 5 seconds after

As you can see… both are clunky to use but Norvald’s completely offsets its cons when the damage was 400%. Now with only 200% its completely worthless aside from low level speed rifts (70-90), because the damage buff is low and you use a passive slot that could use something else.

So I keep what I said… when Thorns Akkhan was OP as hell it was justifyable to nerf Norvald’s set, but now that Akkhan is Fixed and specialized, there is no reason for the nerf… Specially because no one was complaining about Norvald’s before the Akkhan+Invoker interaction was discovered.

And being realistic here… I don’t see any other buffs or tweaks for sader in this patch notes other than buff back Norvald’s to its former iteraction, because nothing else was changed or buffed other than Akkhan being reworked. So… it is whats it is for now.

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