July 13 - D2:R News: Technical Alpha Learnings

Thanks to MissCheetah for pointing this out. :+1:

To check on further D2:R news:

Aug 10 - Beta dates have been announced:

Pre-download start August 11!

Aug 18,

The early access beta ended on August 17th at 10 AM Pacific time (-7 GMT)

The upcoming open access beta starts August 20th at 10 AM Pacific and lasts until August 23rd at 10 AM Pacific.

All early access participants - All characters and stashed gear will carry over to the open beta.
Everyone - Nothing from the beta tests will carry over to the release of the game!

If you are having trouble getting the beta installed, please check this post for details on how to get the beta client installed.

Hoping everyone has a blast! Don’t forget to submit feedback! :slight_smile:


Looks like we finally get always-on mode for items on the ground. No more needing to hold alt to see what is on the ground, which is a huge plus for me.

There’s also the case of this “Chat Gem Mode” option… Suuuusspiiiccciooouusss!

Edit: Just noticed you made this thread the same time as I did, so I just copypasta’d here, and killed my thread, lol.


Perfect gem activated.


Edit: It’d be interesting if they made it so getting the “Mooooo!” message clears the Cow King killed flag on your character… The chat gem would then actually have more function than inducing carpal tunnel! :grin:


Potions look like Gatorade.

Some of it I like. Others, just words without evidence.

“We’ll show you more, later” is often parlance for “we got nothing, but keep hoping.” But, I am a jaded jerk.


I will, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, leave this note here for the developers;

PLEASE make sure that if you’re going to allow “Always Show Items Labels” that skill activation on mouse clicks don’t get hung up on the item’s label (or even on the monster’s hitbox) . It is extremely detrimental and broken for Whirlwind Barbarians or any class reliant on constant depression of the mouse to be effective.

I don’t feel leaving it in this state is conducive to a good gameplay experience and has only garnered negative feedback ever since the game came out.

To elaborate a bit;

Current iteration of skill useage in Diablo 2 - If you hold your RMB down and activate your Show Item Label button (alt), often times, almost always, it will override the skill use priority and allow labels and monster hitboxes to highlight and will force your character to run/target/attack whatever is under your cursor, usually resulting in death.

For Whirlwind barbarians, you’d often end up whirlwinding straight into a pack of monsters, or if you were holding alt and whirlwinded at just the right time, you wouldn’t move at all.

Some times this would even cause the infamous ballerina effect to the WW Barbarian and make you either spin in place, or infinitely follow a monster while whirlwinding and it is impossible to stop yourself in either of those states.


Amazing changes! I wish they had shown more pictures of the new items and skill effects :smiley:

I just hope the loading screen is that much less that we dont really recognize it :confused:


I didnt see a pic for the new holy freeze and that was a bummer. Unless I are blind and missed it.

I wish they would have had word on cow king kill or one of the other non visual issues that have been brought up on the forums.


Aside from the software optimizations that Blizzard is limited to, the loading delays are going to be heavily dependent on the system configuration, specifically how fast your storage device is, how fast the processor is, the amount of RAM installed in the system, how much RAM your graphics card has and if your hardware has support for AMD’s Smart Access Memory and/or the DirectStorage API (Windows 11).

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We also need to consider that if they’re not using DLSS or some other form of scaling technology, that 4K models are not cheap to render. Loading times may be a permanent part of D2R.


great and positive update. thanks blizz.

looking forward to beta testing in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Just three tabs…that means we have to use characters for mules still…

Hopefully they will have a generous level of characters


Just not as much, at least. It’s a respectful middle ground, I’ll take it. I’d still prefer PlugY level infinite tabs, but at least they’re not letting us hang out to dry.


They gave us an inch… Let’s not be so quick to take a mile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know there are some who have miles and miles of characters… Hoarders. :slight_smile:


Gotta get that grail status, yo! It’s the only way!

Then there’s people like me who just like collecting everything they find, lol.


Yeah I wish they’d comment on stuff like this and the Dclone encounter. Hopefully we get more substantial info closer to the beta.


If they want us to not use mules, they need to give us more tabs. I was not a hoarder but I still used 4-6 chars for mules. I will end up using 1 tab for Runes and Gems, that leaves 2 tabs for gear, which is not enough. I will separate it into 1 tab for low level gear and 1 for high level gear.

Basically they see they can sell extra accounts to crazy D2 fans that will use them as mules so they are limiting our tabs.


I mean they did just state in their update that loading times have been improved. Anyone who played the game in 2002 will be happy with anything under 3 seconds :joy:


That will be reduced to roughly 2-3 chars for mules with the slightly more than doubled stash space per character. (100 spaces vs 48)


Oh, absolutely. I agree. I just don’t think we’ll be able to get anywhere near instant loading that we could in the original D2. Everything back then was a pixel model. Now we’re using full bona fied 3D models, at 4K resolutions.

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Does anyone have a sense of what the tab labelled: “Game Creation” options refers?

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