Jewlery bag from ptr vendor not dropping coe?


Hey, not sure how many thousand shards I spent on this bag to find a coe. None dropped, the ammount of dupucates and primals for the others lead me to belive it isnt found in the bag? I am ok with the ring of emptienes I found so isnt stopping me testing the jade builds, just odd.


Typically, the PTR vendor reflects items added in the latest patch, but I don’t think they were updated for 2.6.6 fully. Some of the items you receive might reflect those added in 2.6.5.

They aren’t randomized bags; their contents are generally set to a specific loot pool based on testing needs.


Think how many builds make use of a CoE, either equipped or cubed, and having it omitted from the PTR Jewellery cache seems an odd choice.

I found the same thing with weaponry packs for Barbarians not including a Gavel of Judgement in their loot pool, an absolute requirement for a HotA build.


Thanks, at least I now know they have set items and not all of the rings/ammys. I got what I needed in a different way for testing what I wanted to. Looking forward to next season :grin: