I've seen 107T on my barbarian... Has anyone else seen that funny number?

I think my current barb build might be the best barb build or at least in the top three builds for the class. Im an anti hammer of the ancients guy and really am out to help seismic slam earn its place. I honestly don’t know if my build tops it. Theres the fire no set build that is better then mine I think. Then the hammer of the acients set builds I’d say are in 2nd place but I think my build can take it out… Really, I just want to share my build but to lazy to make a guide. I can say for a fact though that my barb probably the funniest to play out of all the builds. I hit for tens of trillion and on COE I get into the hundred trillions. I can attack behind walls using them as cover or just leap through them. I would love to get some input back on it from a seasoned player. I don’t know if someone already though of the build but I haven’t anything similar to my build yet. Btw, if Im the first to create this build I don’t need the credit but let it be known as the “Hulk Smash Build”. Im lazy so find my build on the Switch Leaderboard, I just completed GR109. But if your serious and want know but don’t have access to the switch leaderboard let me know a fast ez way to share it with everyone.

Question, comments, suggestions, criticism, haters, I greatfuly appreciate the time and comment.

Hmm, let me guess. Any chance you are using the Sever weapon?


Sever’s killing cull is waaaayyyy higher than 107T but I don’t see his profile either, so I guess it can be anything as he’s playing on Switch. I mean Seismic is obviously strong but compared to HotA, I wouldn’t be so sure. For many times people appeared in forums to brag about their damage builds on consoles just to realize they had a hacked item somewhere.

Wanna explain your build OP?


It’s on the Nintendo Switch so for all we know there are triple-socketed and bazillion damage weapons involved due to editing of a local save file.


Here is a guide for the strongest seismic slam.


Yes I know of that build Prokahn but yet have to test it against mine. Im running fury of the vanishing peak. I have no mod items and I have no over leveled gems. I’m at 1734 paragon. Running permafrost, with the furnace cubed, endless walk and COE. Besides my primal I tried to keep it legit to keep it fun.

Naksiloth, I just started last season so Im kind of a newb that’s why I wanted to share for the input. As for the Severs killing cull, I don’t know about that and I’ll have to check it out. And to answer your question of why its OP??? I don’t know I was asking you guys that. I was looking for clarification… So thanks Naksiloth I guess my 107T is nothing… But hey play my build Im sure you agree its fun to play after you tried it.

What’s the easiest way to share my build??? Even though it probably sucks I think people will enjoy it. Or would you guys say don’t waste my time???

And Prokahn I know of your build but I don’t understand how you maintain fury upkeep and 2nd 5 piece Mote??? no 6 piece how can you tell me Immortal and crimson stack up to the increase of 20,000% damage??? Also, previous season I put Istvan’s up to the test against my fury of the vanishing peak (str, 10% damage, 15% seismic slam). It was a closes race between speed versus power but in the end I cleared GRs faster with peak. Maybe if both swords were augmented the peak would lose but hey I don’t know anything. Im a noob here.:grin:

Watch storm playing Mote6-CC2-Istvans.

Barbarian builds fury when he gets hit.

Also CoA can generate fury with ancients fury rune. Or through fury of the ancients shoulder. When you have royal ring, you can use IK 2P to get permanent ancient and your source of fury. If you go with CC, you stack a lot of CdR for most uptime of CoA and WotB

You are probably running Mote6-Permafrost. We call that build frozen fury. Barbarian forum is filled with guides. You can find their details there. Usually if you have power pylon and lots of stricken stack it is not unusual to see killing crits of 60T to 100T.

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It is something for Barbarians. Sever’s killing blow is an unutilized cosmetic for the looks, as it deals the highest possible damage in the game at the killing blow and decimates the target to tiny pieces. It can not be combinated to debuffs to deal damage or benefit anything.

Try to register to diablofans and use create a build button to start.
If it’s too much work, skill calculator that official site offered may help too.
Most basic way to give us a rough idea about what’s different on your build compared to other guides out there.

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Hey thx guys… U been very insightful and much respect for paying your dues as part of the D3 community. I’ll try too find time to get my build up proper thx to u guys. Makes me feel like I have to do my part and help inspire players too. Just to through it out there I was a D2 fan going into D3 knowing 0 about the game. All I knew was crit chance, damage, and life steal are the way to go… Yes, I said life steal. Shows how little i knew. I even reforged one of my first primes which was a focus ring. You should of seen how stupid i felt when a legendary came out.

Once again much respect and hope to hear more from you guys down the road…

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Running Vanish Peak equipped will net you bigger damage numbers, but you’ll get fewer attacks than a Dual Wielding build using Istvans or something. So over time you’ll do less damage because eventually the higher attack speed and more attacks you make will edge out the bigger numbers the 2H can provide.

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Not sure i’d class it as the easiest, but the best way to share a build is D3Planner

http s://www.d3planner.com/

Diablo fans is good but d3planner is just far better as it lets you see what sort of stats you’re gonna be running with and what numbers you may be pulling.

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I saw a few 52T today, but that is not even close to that number :grin:

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Sure it does show but the problem I had when testing them two out was sustaining fury. You have 8 secs to attack, my vanishing peak is set at 1.51 ark spd so I get in 8 hits before I hav to leap again. With higher speeds, lets keep it low and say 2.50 atk spd that’s 20 hits at 15 fury per hit. So it was kind of frustrating running out of fury but this was last season when crimson wasn’t around yet.

Also, the larger dps synergies with bloodshed and ad more, so I can’t totally agree with it being more damage. That’s just too much math for me. With 2 hand its like 20% of 2T with peak it’s 20% 10.0T (low estimate dps). I really don’t know that’s why I want to put my build out there for people to try so they can come to a conclusion for me.

Berronax, you r correct diablofans just asked for too much just to log in to their site. D3planner is a lot more user friendly.