It's Time to Remove the Movement Speed Cap

Yeah, I’ve built up similar speeds. I don’t see a problem with it, considering the amount of sacrifices you make to reach those speeds. You can’t use that build in high level GRs.
I wasn’t aware that GR150 was the cap, but still, insane movement speed builds wouldn’t be capable of killing anything at that GR level, so I don’t see a problem with it. I don’t see a max movement speed build like that working well enough to take advantage of the speed by flying through rooms and killing everything as you go, on anything past GR100. If you have to do loops around an elite pack to kill it, then the speed isn’t being taken advantage of.

I think the amount of movement speed gained from sets like the GoD is obscene. But +12% movement speed from Lacuni Prowlers isn’t what caused the problem.

In my opinion, no set should give more than +60% speed on its own and still keep damage and defense up to par. +160% is mad. I think removing the cap and dropping set speed bonuses down to more reasonable levels so that a cap isn’t needed would be better. Caps cause stats to go to waste. They cause the already-inflated bonuses to become the ONLY bonuses, while the small bonuses that weren’t really the problem in the first place get cut off to solve the problem created elsewhere.

If the cap was removed, I doubt you’d see people using it to get top rank on the leaderboard. The +12 movement speed on things like amulets and bracers would be giving up vital bonuses.

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wasnt there a barb build which the movement speed gave you a dmg boost with %speed increased?

In my book, Diablo should not be a rat race. This obsession with completing content as fast as humanely possible, just so I can speed through it again and again doesn’t really chime with me. It may be efficient in terms of farming paragon and mats, but it’s kind of sucking the fun out of the game.

With my speed-farming TR-monk, I’m already moving at speeds that make it hard to actually see the things that I’m running past - why would I want to move even faster? I can finish a decent rift in under 90 seconds now so, yes, perhaps it could be 60 seconds if there was no speed cap, but would that really be more fun?


That’d be the Raekor set along with Standoff which changes Furious Charge to do 500% of your movement speed as bonus damage.

There was a movement speed cap in this game? I’ve never been in a situation where I thought the game was limiting my character’s speed. Everytime I used a skill/item to increase movement speed it felt liked my movement speed did increased. I’ve never noticed this “cap”. Doesnt seem like a problem to me.

??? What game are you playing? D3 only has up to GR150…

There is a cap on movement from items and Paragon levels. 25%. Which is why everybody has 25% into movement speed in Paragons.

Ah I see, I didnt notice it earlier but I guess this post is mainly/specificly talking about the movement speed cap on paragons? That 25%? Thanks for the clarification. i still think its fine how it is right now though, but thats just my opinion, if there are more players wanting to increase it I guess it wouldnt hurt. But if there wasnt a cap for the movement speed from paragons everyone would be moving around like a blur lol…

What about a new Legendary gems that gives
-movement speed (1*gemlevel)%
-increase damage with total movement speed (gemlevel 25) (movementspeed%)
-max gem level 100

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I’ll swing things the other way. Movement speed and methods of permanent fast transit should be removed. All mobile channels should also be at least 25% slower than regular movement speed with no means to bring it back up.

I know for some their immediate kneejerk reaction would be that the game would be too slow and subsequently take too long to farm anything. And with no other changes to the game, I’d certainly agree. However, I’d also be pushing for fixing the multiplayer gap, fixing bounties and doing away with the exploitation of splits, allowing game torment difficulty equivalents all the way up to GR150, changing how we level legendary gems, and actually improving drop rates in a meaningful way to further encourage taking on higher difficulties.

Reasons for those additional changes should be obvious for anyone who’s played the game to any degree of depth, but sticking more to the main topic, mobility has simply been too make or break for builds for entirely too long.

Everyone has 25% MS from Paragon to help cut down on the yelling at the screen when you’re in town and all your buffs and procs are off.

High MS is a drug.

Yea, for Furious - A somewhat underpreforming build. Not too bad, but there are a lot better builds. Basically turns movement speed into a multiplier.

Really though, for most builds, removing the MS gear cap would only result in a 35-37% movement speed instead, since speed is generally found almost only on boots. Endless Walk builds, or Flavor of Time users could get a bit more.

Overall, the max movement speed you would be able to get from gear if it wasn’t capped would be 85% extra movement speed, if you give up Bracers (Lacuni), Ring (Compass Rose), Neck (Flavor of Time), and the weapon slot (Gift of Salaria). Of course, that is a gargantuan loss of damage and/or survival overall, but damn you’ll be speedy!

Gee when was the last time I thought MS was a problem…maybe 5 years ago?

There are lots of items and skills that give you plenty of MS.

So what’s the point of this post? So you want to reallocate a few paragon points elsewhere? In a game where you can hit 2000 gons a season by playing a couple of hours a day?

The problem is not Movement Speed, but rather that you can use Movement Skills (like Leap, Vault, Furious Charge, etc), basically without interruption, due to the massive amounts of Resource Cost Reduction and Cooldown Reduction on sets and legendaries that allow these Movement Skills to be used almost indefinitely since it almost nullifies their resource costs and/or cooldowns.

There are only a few builds like the Demon Hunter’s new GoD set that are the exception.

So if anything, they should tune down on these RCR and CDR multipliers on sets and legendaries. Removing the Movement Speed Cap would be totally fine.

There’s no cap for movement speed at all.
Only restriction is movement speed bonus from paragon level and items don’t stack over 25%. That means you can spare extra paragon points if you have move speed equipment, that’s all.
On another note; having movement speed on equipment is NOT ideal for end game builds at all. You’ll do better with extra resistance or armor for sure and extra 24-25% movement speed stacking will not give you any edge. It’s senseless to even ask.

Going too fast in some situations can actually work against you. In GR Barracks or Corvus layouts if a speed pylon appears I pass on by. Going to fast with GoD or Tempest Rush build I tend to overshoot doors, run into walls, etc, and waste more time than it saves. Also I am not looking to place on some meaningless LB.

Open maps, Battlefields or Shrouded Moors for example, is a different story, however.

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Agreed. Not to mention if you don’t have tons of pickup radius, I tend to overshoot progression globes as well having to run around the globes multiple times as I miss one or two…

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Base movement speed cap really should be raised to 50% minimum, 75% preferrably, but with the modification to speed shrines and pylons such that they are capped at X% of your current movement speed, not exceeding the current maximum obtainable when at 50/75% base movement speed.

Sure, we don’t need PoE levels of movement speed. That can just get massively difficult to control. But the basic non-boosted run speed really needs a boost. Even 25% feels slow because the base run speed itself is super slow.


I agree, especially since the problem with quick movement in D3 is not because of Increased Movement Speed, but rather due to large amounts of CDR and RCR on sets and legendaries that allow Movement Skills to be spammed almost indefinitely.

This is why I also suggested reducing the obscene amounts of bonus movement speed given from other sources.

I’m not trying to let people go EVEN FASTER. I’m just trying to remove the limits so that unique legendaries like Lacuni Prowlers that give movement speed don’t go to waste. When your base MS is capped at +25% and you get +25% from paragon, that takes away the uniqueness of items that add movement speed directly. +160% movement speed from the GoD set is what breaks movement, not +12% movement speed from a pair of bracers or boots.

Wish some of that applied to the crusader. Damn, that class is slow.

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