Items/Skills not working At all

Hello. I was uncertain on how to contact about the issue. (Tempest Rush) + Inner-fire Rune is not working, at all. No additional damage, and no mechanic. Also would like to state Wildebeast(Legendary Gem) does not grant more of a shield from Life Per Second, From mantra of healing for monk, or Mystic ally. (if using these skills, you should receive a larger shield bonus for the life per second added to the character).

I simply wanted to make a note of this incase it wasn’t caught in the past. (May have been overlooked, being there’s so much to focus on).
Also, Near Death experience is not proc’ing for my friend, continuously. The skill works when in his Passive’s Skill tree, However it doesn’t seem to ever function as it should coming from the Hellfire amulet.

Thanks!!! Just wanted to inform in-case these subjects were overlooked.