It´s my first time doing ptr and i have a question

so what happens with the new gear you´ve aquired, when ptr ends? the gear you´re supposed to get in the coming season.

Nothing will happen. PTR is for testing purpose and nothing else.

All testing data will either remain on PTR, or will be erased by dev team on their wish.


i mean you keep all your characters but you are stripped of your gear that belong to the coming season?

It is an alternate realm, a Public Test Realm (PTR). You copy your characters over from the Live Realm and acquire gear for testing purposes. Everything in PTR is separate from your normal characters and gear. When the PTR ends you will no longer be able to log into PTR and all gear and characters on the PTR will effectively disappear. Nothing on your Live account will be effected by this.

Answer has been given:

Nothing will happen.

PTR realm is separated from Live realm. You live data hasn’t been changed during PTR period. Therefore, nothing will happen after PTR ends.

Anything you have done on the PTR will be gone as if nothing happened including new characters wiped and old ones restored.

PTR = Las Vegas, as the old idiom goes.

ok. even progress with paragon, ptr-aquired old gear and gem-ranking during ptr will be undone?

As I said, data in PTR will either remain in PTR or be erased, depends on dev team’s decision. Even dev don’t erase data, you shall likely do so yourself in next PTR (if there will be any) .

Bare in mind that we are voluntary workers. We don’t get any reward from the testing.

Yes everything disapears. This is just a test mod. It does not affect your real account in anyway.

An easy way to say it is:

“What happend in PTR, stays in PTR”