Is this allowed?


You actually called him a borderline racist. How do we report posts? Is it using the flag symbol?


He said the POST was borderline, not the poster. He also clarified that in case anyone did not understand.

This thread does not need to turn into an argument about racist content or intentions.

Yes, the flag is used to report. You only get a few a day so use wisely. Further, abuse of the reporting system for things not actually against the rules can get the forum posting account actioned.


I’ve had this discussion on here many times. There is flagrant racism. Meteorblade doesn’t post stuff like that.

There is borderline racism, like posting that reverse racism is real and things like that and actually believing it. Meteorblade doesn’t do that either.

Then there’s trolling where person illustrates that racism isn’t real because things are called racist that shouldn’t be considered racist in that person views. This is what Meteorblade does.

He’s not racist. But he frequently defends racism because he finds it offensive that anything can construed as racist. I sometimes share this view.

However, it is not up to us to decide what offends a specific group. It offends that group, then it offends that group. One shouldn’t argue that those people shouldn’t be offended. Which again is what Meteorblade does.

Of course he doesn’t hold racist views himself, and I never said he did. But he frequently defends it or at least points out that he finds it hypocritical for anybody other than him to be offended by anything.


A nationalist is not a racist.

Nationalism: loyalty and devotion to a nation.

Seems like you hijacked a word.

Later you posted “white nationalist”, if you asked me, that sound racist.


Don’t even try that semantic nonsense. One can be both nationalist AND racist or neither. Kind of like you can have both chocolate and vanilla ice cream in the same bowl!

This still really does not belong on this forum, at all. It only stokes people who want to concern troll.


No, sorry. I have never defended racism. Not once. I accept that it exists but I also believe that you don’t defeat it by perpetuating it. I’m a massive fan of meritocracy. I literally do not care what colour, creed, ethnicity, biological sex, gender, gender expression, sexual preferences people have. I care about whether you have the skills necessary to do the job you’re applying for. I care about whether you’re clever enough to get into a University course. I care about whether you’re strong enough to carry someone unconscious out of a burning building down a 30 foot ladder if you want to be a fire fighter. That’s why I’m absolutely against “positive discrimination” and “affirmative action” because they give people jobs / positions / places based on what they look like rather than whether they’re good enough.


If you truly believe what you posted and want to avoid controversy, then just post racist, not nationalist. And stop posting “white nationalist”, because it is racist. When you insert race it becomes race and that racist.


Hero we don’t deserve and doesn’t need.

Bringing this to here still unnecessary though.

Banning the player is some extreme measure of course but I reckon he insisted on his stand on the context which led him to get expelled.
As I know player has been warned once already. Just another stupid thing to happen in esports scene and not the worst. I just hope they learn how to treat people next time or pardoned that player.


This is shameful. The new forum is barely 24 hours old and we already have a discussion where somebody openly accuses someone of posting borderline racist stuff!.. and an MVP defending it!


It is a form of terrorism to take a safe, highly usable symbol everyone from age 2 to 102 knows and uses regularly without any attitude like the “okay” symbol :ok_hand: and turn it into hate.

The fact that 4chan and others turned a sunny day into turtles and hamsters raining from the sky is a problem in our world today.

Meteorblade’s post is admirable because of what happened in a Blizzard esports game.

Blizzard screwed the pooch again by removing that player.

So I salute Meteorblade for asking the simple question!



The problem with a topic like this, its a slippery slope.

The sad truth is there are people out there that will take perfectly fine things that exist in society today or recent past that have not even commonly been associated with anything offensive, but then someone has to point out either a long ago loose historical significance, someone’s appropriation of it to suit a less desirable meaning or outright falsehoods that perpetrate so quickly due to modern social networking that people infer a truth from the falsehood itself.


That’s probably 95+% of the internet today folks. & yeah, I pulled that % out of my rear-end. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was like the somewhat rage over saying GG not that long ago. Most of us older gamers always inferred Good Game out of it, because that was what we meant. Now it sometimes means Git Gud, which of course is a slang mis-representation and has been a highly debated topic as well.

Things like these ruin our interaction with each other sadly. :frowning:

Game on.

To add:

As for my position on this, I’m not above using what I think is appropriate for the given context. I see no reason to ban something like the :ok_hand: itself, but rather punishing a user that uses it in conjunction with a negative meaning. Same would go for any other symbol that could be interpreted in more than one way. Sometimes you just need to read a post, look past a controversial image and understand the entire context before jumping to a conclusion.

Because I can bet (and I’m guilty of it as well) that more often than not, we jump to the wrong conclusion with reading other member’s posts, threads, and replies here.

Something to think about.


If you guys think that might be controversial you guys might be interested to know they have an emoji of flipping the bird. I am not going to post it, but I noticed it earlier.



Wow. They actually do. lol

But seriously, yeah, I saw it too. Actually there is a TON of stuff in there :bangbang:


My view would be that if one doubts if something might not be proper it might not be.

So why use symbols or write hurtful things when it’s so easy not to. Think before you type and things are golden. :grinning:


Same here. I had no idea let alone the fact I only use the most basic ones like sad face and smiley.


lemme try


When any forum manager has commented on this issue it would be safe to lock this topic :+1:

closed #34


Context is, indeed, everything. Posting something just to get a rise out of people, moderators or other forum posters alike, is pretty much one of the clearest definitions of trolling and will be handled as such.

If something makes you uncomfortable or casts doubt whether or not you think you’ll be misinterpreted, don’t do it. If you believe you’ve been erroneously actioned for something another person reports and misinterprets, you can contest any account action through Customer Support.

The forums aren’t the place to have this discussion, per our Forum Guidelines.