Is there matchmaking on Xbox One and how does it work?

I play the current season on Xbox One and wonder if there’s matchmaking and how I would use it.

I changed the network settings to Public (btw, incredibly difficult to see the current setting), picked Greater Rifts and was waiting for someone to join my game or an option for me to join somebody else’s game. But it doesn’t happen or is hidden very well.

Oh yes, I pay for online gaming. Before anybody suggests that…

Thanks for help.

5 weeks into the season…You should’ve been here 5 weeks ago.

After a month most players quit. If anyone is still playing, they are on Torment 16. Most regulars would be farming paragon in ENs or farming 150’s, so basically no one is looking for a “Greater Rift” game.

You can try MM for a “Rift” game and then invite players to party up and run some GRs. Or you can post an LFG to run GRs.

…or do what 99.99% of the player base does after 4 weeks…quit. Don’t miss s27 start. Cya in 3 months.

Usually you can just hit Quick Match and join some group… That’s what I sometimes do if I want to see some extra explosions on my screen… I have never been in a situation when I don’t get at least a few options…

What is this Quick Match you mentioned? I can’t find this in the game.

As long as you are able to join public games (Clear GR 70 or something solo), and you have your settings on public, the option appears in the main menu…

LOL, I can’t even solo GR40. Not sure how people do this. The items I find are rarely so good that I could up the level by more than say 1. And some stuff has to be left equipped. My set for example. I can’t remove pieces from it because I depend on the full set’s effect. (I use the one which enhances bone armor and gives you a damage aura. This way I can run relatively safely from elite pack to elite pack and kill them without being hindered too much from trash mobs.)

This is how I do it… I get my character to 70. Then I do a few GR’s, so I can get a LoD. Then I just start slapping on legendaries, trying to gear my built to what I have. I always say that the wizard is the best way to take this route. Soon you start climbing in GR’s, getting more legendaries so you can start equiping good legendaries. All the while, you are building your LoD… Usually that gets me to GR 70 in a few hours, taking it slow and easy… Good luck and Good hunting!!!

Sounds like you have Inarius. In that case I would go for the Bloodnova build: get the Iron Rose off-hand, and just syphon blood like crazy. Throw an Aquila in the cube, the Deathnova 2hand scythe, and an RoRG, so you can add golem breeches. That should give you enough toughness and damage to get you to GR70 so you can start farming for a really good built (I like solo-Skel Mages, Masq & a better version of Inarius Blood, but there are way better and harder to play-gear Necros!)

That’s a bold assumption, Cotton.

Hey, if you want you can add me and I’ll help you. My Xbox id is kasaikaos6690