Is there a way to add forum members as friends

Hey, after being here for awhile I was thinking that when the game comes out, we will probably wont be spending as much time in here as we do now and I remembered that I read that at a certain trust level you can add people

but I see no such option, is that a thing and if not, is there another option that doesn’t include sharing your battletag and the like?

You can use their name and tag number (battletag) to add them from the agent iirc. Both of which can be found on the forums for its members. As for the forums having the feature, I heard of no such feature, maybe someone can elaborate on it?

Would like to post this method here. All you have to do is right click the persons name and click “Copy link” or “Copy link address”. Which gets you their user profile link which contains the information needed.

For example:

Just replace dash with #: Shadow#126792 and there you go, you got a battle tag.

NOTE: As MissCheetah mentioned, you cannot use this method to add people who don’t share the same region as you.


No, there has never been any such thing on the forums.

Shadow is right. If you want to add people you need to go to your Bnet Launcher and add them there via Battletag. Keep in mind they need to be the same Region for that to work.

If they accept your friend request, then there you go - new friend. You will be able to talk to them to play D2R, etc. There is also a Discord like set of features in the Bnet app that lets you make groups, rooms, text chat, voice chat.


When you make a group it creates a grouped conversation right?

I wish they would have added the option to make actual groups tags like : " work, school, Diablo, Dirty casuals "

And the like so you can arrange your friend list a bit better and add different sound notifications for each

Didn’t know this, thanks for clarifying.

I mean you can make whole channels with whatever name you want and it operates like a Discord channel with text and optional voice chat. Call it

Soul’s Coffee Club or whatever. Soul’s fav PvP friends. People can be part of multiple channels, just like Discord.

Open your Launcher and play with it! Click the Chats and groups button at the bottom of the friends list to go make your own and play with features. You can then add people from here on the forums to your friends list and invite them to the groups.

As for organizing your Friends list - not sure on that. You can set your own notes for each person though so you can remind yourself where you met them and why they are on there.

Edit - I see you are getting the hang of it.

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Haha yeah, I’ll add a few people and tomorrow I’ll play with the features a bit like you said, thanks for the help guys :smile:


Looks like that’s potentially changing now, figured I’d post this here for anyone who would potentially read this topic.

Starting today, friends lists from different territories will be merged into one* (*Excluding China), so you’ll no longer need to switch regions in to talk to your buddies on the other side of the planet. “As Global rolls out, players around the world will be able to come together all across the larger Blizzard ecosystem without any hurdles for the first time ever,” says Diana Hubbard, Platform Design Manager. In doing so, they will be able to effortlessly expand their friendships, groups, and communities—paving the way for forging new bonds over our present and future epic gaming experiences. This is just the first step, and it will only get better from here.” To accent this new era of global gaming and social connectivity on, we’ve also updated our logo.

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Yeah I saw it too but was too lazy to post haha, weird how I never knew they did something like that before misscheetah talked about it