Is the GIDBINN available as a level 70

is the GIDBINN available as a level 70? i am having no luck getting it and i must have spent 500 or so deaths breath trying to get it.

when i look at the armory, it says 60, but people keep saying online its available at 70

im not a seasonal character


i finally got it. i tried 125 more death breaths and didnt get it. then i tried my gamblings and got it on my second gambling for the day.

Idk what I’m missing there but how are you spending Death Breaths for a chance to get at lvl 70 and gamblings? I got mine sadly at like lvl 14 so I’m pretty sure I’m probably screwed as far as getting it again at 70 but my fiancé is already 70 and hasn’t gotten it on hers.

  1. Craft relevant level 70 rare weapons at the blacksmith, e.g. a ceremonial knife.
  2. Use the Cube’s “Upgrade rare to legendary” recipe (DBs are required by the recipe).

This could result in a Gidbinn. It’s gambling because all you’re guaranteed is a legendary ceremonial knife, it could be any of them.

Thanks! Didn’t know it was possible to get it from the Cube.