Is the Event Out of Time/Timeless Prison not active?

I firmly belive that the in game Event known as Out of Time/Timeless Prison Event in Pandamonium Fortress level 2 is not active in game. I have done more than 50 runs in search of the event to finish an Achievement and it will not show up no matter how many times I rerun instances of the area. Including haveing other people running seperate instances to farm the event and to avail no luck with it popping up.

I have come across all the other Events many times over besides that one. And there is one other issue in Pantamonium Fortress level 2.

An Event Chest can be activated and a hoard of enemies will pop out but no conditions pop up as to do the event and then it just disapears after a short while of killing all the enemies that popped up around it. After all the enemies have died and you click on the chest it clearly states that it can’t be opened till the curse is lifted.

You would be wrong. Not only is it an Event, but it is also a Bounty in Adventure Mode.

The screenshot above was taken 5 minutes ago, on the Americas Region, Season 21.

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I presume the achievement you’re going for is…
Achievements > Cooperative > Act V > Disorderly Conduct

Whilst the achievement states that the only requirement is to complete the events in a cooperative game, i.e. with a group, there are three events within the achievement that will give you problems, namely…

  1. Lost Host
  2. Ancient Prison
  3. Out of Time

These events will not qualify for the achievement if they are done in Adventure Mode, they must be done in Campaign Mode to count. So, fire up the Campaign, go to the sub-chapter that allows you access to Battlefields of Eternity, enter game, check map for the events, if you find one, shout out in General Chat and ask for someone to join your game for 30 seconds, complete the event, and it’ll count for the achievement. Repeat this until you have all three of these events, then you can go back to Adventure Mode for all the rest.


Hmm…     I thought they were referring to:

Achievements → Career → Campaign → Act V → On the Edge of Reality

I completed these Achievements many years ago on the Americas Region. I thought I’d test this in Adventure Mode to see if you can get credit for it on the Europe or Asia Regions. Unfortunately, I completed On the Edge of Reality on the Europe Region and Out of Time on the Asia Region.

I was able to test this out on the Asia Region with the Demon Souls Achievement in Adventure Mode. Here is a 4:45 video of it I uploaded just now:

So, it seems that On the Edge of Reality can be completed in Adventure Mode by fishing for the needed Bounties.  

Possibly, but it won’t count for Disorderly Conduct unless done in Campaign…

If one of you nice TL3’s could embed this, that’d be super.

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Out of Time isn’t one of those events.

It’s Time Trap you are thinking of. It’s the three Siege Rune events in Battlefields of Eternity that are the problem. Out of Time spawns in Pandemonium Fortress 2. Out of Time counts just fine for Disorderly Conduct in Adventure Mode.

EDIT: Actually, I think you have the other two wrong too. War That Time Forgot, Demonic Prisoner, Time Trap are the bugged ones that must be completed in Campaign for Disorderly Conduct.

Let’s not forget: The “bug” that was reported in the OP is the Event, Out of Time, no longer exists in the game. Not that it cannot be completed.  

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