Is PTR in maintenance mode?

I try to get in but get kicked back to login page… it said when i try to login again, and its in maintenance, but there is no maintenance in the battlenet launcher… just curious and the server status page link is broken. I tried to paste the link, but you are not allowed.

The PTR is closed :wink:


Closed and did nothing new this week. Not shocking at all tbh.

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They don’t announce the updated changes until later on. There will definitely be another set of patch notes.

They must imply 1 more change…
Since now all builds can speedfarm 110s and Shadow can hardly pass 110 even with augments…they should give a Reforge Pack to theShadow Set leaderboard that pass 115 GR ,specifically for being so loyal ( or stupid ) for sticking with a dead set KEKW

as usual, they will do a final round of tweaks internally and surprise us with them on launch day.
expect to have to wait 3 weeks for them to correct the corrections.