Is microsoft going to make us subscribe to play diablo?

It’s like i’m the only person that reads things. You should know that Microsoft created the PC Game Pass less than a month ago, and it costs a subscription, and they just announced they are adding all activision blizzard games to the PC Game Pass…

holy cow you guys wouldnt even know you’re going to be paying a monthly fee until you’re game is locked out.

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Ok, this was your worst troll ever dude. At least keep up the quality.

2017 was a month ago? The time seems to fly…

avalon is just as trolly as this guy. at least this troll op can spell.

anyway i actually wouldn´t mind a monthly fee if Diablo got extra content and stuff. sure that´s coming from someone who´s got it kinda good financially atm.

THAT IS THE XBOX GAME PASS. I’m talking about the new PC GAME PASS. Try to keep up.

PC Game Pass created Dec 2021. Literally last month, right before they buy Activision Blizzard. It was all planned.

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The PC Game Pass which you think was “created” in December 2021 is nothing more than renamed Xbox Game Pass for PC, existed since 2017.

Renaming something doesn’t mean it’s something completely new.

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well, he can’t spell genius.

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literally can’t even admit you’re wrong. literally too much ego.

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Irony going off the scale again.

i like how i did that spelling intentionally and it got 45 responses in 3 different threads from my haters, just proving how obsessed you guys are with just hating me and arent here to talk about diablo at all.

YOU are the trolls, and i easily proved it with that simple word.

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And I’m a hopeless romantic. Welcome to the club, sailor.


Dumb a$$. You either sub and have access to any game, or buy one whitout haveing to pay a sub. Every one seems to know this, but you, so how smart do you feel now? And no, you don’t have to re-buy the games you allready own. Cut the drama, shut up, and look pretty.

I must be a time traveller, since I’ve been subbed to it for around 2 years now.

And yes, PC game pass is just a renaming of the xbox game pass for pc (which has always been a separate subscription from the console game pass).

I would know that, since I’ve been paying for and using the service for years and it has not changed at all. It’s a fantastic service, by the way.

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You guys simply don’t understand how mergers and acquisitions work.

They just happened to rename the service days before making the biggest deal in the history of gaming ever, and you guys are trying to tell me nothing is changing. WHAT?

you can guarantee that in 2023 when Microsoft is running this ship, that i will necro this thread and expect apologies as we log into D3 season 30 on our microsoft subscriptions.

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You heard it here first, folks!
This is the thread he’ll use to tell us he’s quitting Diablo III in 2023.

Just like you renaming one your sock accounts trying to pretend being someone else. Nothing changes, everyone still knows it’s you behind that sock account.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That is correct. :moyai: :moyai:

Really so something that started in 2017 actually started less than a month ago? Liar, spreader of misinformation, lacks the ability to do a cursory google search. Man, you really got the trifecta going today.

Just here to watch the artist do his thing