Is microsoft going to make us subscribe to play diablo?

what if they ruin everything and we can no longer play D3 and D4 for free every month and have to subscribe monthly to their microsoft xbox? Dark times ahead, microsoft literally gatekeeping our gaming now with their moneybags…


No they wont. Next troll post please.

Also for the unsuspecting people around here, there’s another thread that actually has a discussion going on this same topic. This is not how gamepass or any Microsoft’s sub based service works on PC.


Avalon already started the same topic. Maybe contribute to that instead of being an attention seeker. But if you were a smart and knowledgable as you always claim, you would know how Gamepass works and understand you don’t need to sub to play games since you can still buy games like before.

But you know this and just want to troll.

Also you didn’t bother paying attention to the fact Kotic seeked out MS to sell not MS being greedy trying to buy up all the devs. Not to mention with MS games you can play them on your PC, Xbox, stream to your phone, play on Nvidia Shield, and many other mobile/streaming type devices. Unlike Nintendo or Sony. But go on and tell us how you are not a troll.


Duh…otherwise would anyone in the world know he even exists? This is all he’s got.

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Why you, me, and others point it out every time. Unfortunately we do provide this insecure person with the attention he seeks.

You do realize there are rumors on the ESO forums that they are closing Elder Scrolls online PC and squelching any threads related to the acquisition of WoW. They added ESO, a free to play game, to the xbox subscription.

Am i the only person on this forum with the insight to understand that Microsoft will be moving BNET to Xbox live and Xbox live requires a subscription? So it’s literally going to be guaranteed that Diablo 3 and 4 will require a subscription to play.

uuuuuuggg sometimes it’s a curse being smarter then your peers.


And rumors on WoW forums about the current expansion being the last one since 2008. Call me when something real and verifiable happens. ESO had been F2P for many years. Do us a favor and do some research into thing you want to talk about.

I’m this close to thinking you and Skelos are the same people.

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You expect way too much from him.

I’m on the same page with you there.

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I know. I’m a hopeless optimist. :grin:

im literally the person that said Jen was going to quit, and you called me a troll and said the same ol’ song and dance you’re doing now,

yet I WAS RIGHT. as always.

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Isn’t ESO B2P? Pretty sure it was never F2P. It just doesn’t have a subscription anymore.

That’s what I meant.

Literally just announced on Microsoft just now…

The acquisition also bolsters Microsoft’s Game Pass portfolio with plans to launch Activision Blizzard games into Game Pass.

We are LITERALLY going to be paying a subscription to play D3 and D4… very soon.

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That was as predictable as the sun rising.

Ah ok, it’s just that B2P and F2P is a little different. It’s something that OP from the top of all his schizophrenia doesn’t know the difference aparently. ESO is on gamepass, which we all know is not a “xbox subscription”.

No, we don’t.

What is so hard to understand here? As Beefhammer said, you can still buy the games in the same way as before.

Meaning you could play with no sub, so adding it to GP wouldn’t make a difference since you could still pay your sub and get the subscriber benefits.

Exactly. Wish mods could react sooner to flags to close his posts and ban this troll.

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Yeah exactly. Gamepass makes sense because otherwise you’d have to individually buy the game, and gamepass is in no way required for it.

I actually have that similar feeling too. Good to know that I wasn’t alone in this.