Is it a must to take Wall of Wind?

As per title. Is it a must to take Wall of Wind for cyclone strike, or is there another reliable way to CC mobs to proc the bracer for TR?

Cause soothing breeze will provide a lot of regen which will greatly help survivability since TR isn’t lacking in damage, but rather survivability.

Wall of wind is for speeds, drop dash and use blinding flash for higher GRs

I personally run CS Wall of Light so as not to unduly soak some of Zodiac proc. Likewise because it periodically freezes everything around, I dont get attacked as well.

Blinding Flash “Faith in the Light” adds 29% DPS however.

It is a choice between DPS or toughness.

How do you survive, though? I need to actively avoid ground effects, and stuff like that when I’m doing 110+, even with stone gauntlets in cube + LPHit on 1 weapon. The reason I ask is because barb playstyle is more or less identical, but has so much better survivability.

For surviveability, I personally go with Lef and Unity, lots of Diamons and Crimson (lots of RCR)… But I get to kill stuffs slow. I only go this when GEM pushing.

Other uber players simply use SKILLS, no defensive items and just go crazy DPS.

To answer why Barb has better survivability: Barb got Band of Might. BoM’s 80% DR is better than Monk wearing Lefebvre Soliloquy and Unity Ring which combines for a 75% DR only.

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