Is GOD still bugged with calamity?

Was thinking about starting a DH but the bug with the GOD set where sometimes using a primary ability didn’t add stacks just completely ruined it for me. I know most people had these issues when using Calamity but I had the issue even without Calamity. Any news if this bug still exists in game before I level a DH?

Here is a video of the bug: Dreadlands Set Bug - YouTube

There are 36 threads in the Bug Report forum regarding Calamity + Momentum…
It’s still just as broken today as it was the day the new set was introduced.


It can also be that key presses sometimes aren’t registered. It’s been mentioned with several builds and several classes. In many cases you play with two keys constantly pressed and then a third key press won’t always register. Don’t know if it’s a local problem, on the computer, or a problem with the server.

Yes, it’s bugged.

Even if the bug was fixed why would anyone use Calamity? It’s still borderline useless weapon.

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I was a Inna Monk (trying the water variant with Executioner in cube) running in a group with a zDH using Calamity and the dude kept stealing all my kills! Calamity has some funky interaction with Executioner probably.