Is D3 the unique ""rpg"" where spells/unarmed attacks needs a big and sharp axe?

Doesn’t have to be 100% wpn dmg. Some of the dmg might come from the weapon, some comes from your “technique”, as in how good the character is at performing the skill (aka. skill points or whatever), such as how well you swing your weapon.

And the skill, as above.

And the skill, as above.

And the skill, as above.

As for spells, they might scale with the skill, but also your “magical catalyst” that gives your spells power. That catalyst could be a wand, a staff, or sometimes even an axe. Just something that has been enhanced with magical powers as a tool for spellcasting.

No, i criticized stat stickie gear too. I don’t mind few magical items boosting attributes(not determining it).

Is great when magical gear do more than just inflate some numbers. The itemization of D4, at least according to the last blizzcon videos is amazing in this aspect. IE - items can cahnge how skills work.

The majority of adventurers on Faerun. The average people in our world would have completely different stats…

But again, humans on Diablo are Godlike.

Mainly after the worldstone destruction.

Show me where the actual rules say this, otherwise it’s just you making stuff up.

This just supports my original argument of a theoretical superman fighter that outclasses everybody else.

and unlike DnD, there’s no spells for you to attempt to get around me saying he has 500% resistance against all damage types and deals 5 quadrillion damage in a 50 yard radius with every swing of his weapon.

In which case, wouldn’t you think balancing those numebrs is in order?

Literally the second word you said failed the task.

Why did I say this?, because whenever you start typing you mention a good 10 different games to compare to, games with different rules, world and lore. I wanted you to not use other games because I wanted you to be able to type it out yourself what you wanted,whether the idea was from other games or not.

Not made up. Stats are meant to represent a how characters are. The average person in our world which is probably sedentary would be far bellow in constituition than the average adventurer. On Dark Sun, the world is extremely harsher, so you start adventuring on lv 3 and roll different stats. Because Dark Sun is a different world. Same with real world.

Also, keep in mind that peasants on that setting die pretty quickly. Keep in mind that mid level characters are more akin to “simulate” BeoWulf or other fantasy heroes rather than the average human of our world

That amount of damage would obliterate a large area in one hit and will not represent what even mytological fighters like BeoWulf can do.

However, twerking numbers is not the balance which I an criticizing. Imagine if fighters had to read magical scrolls only because mages needs it? That is the balance of D3…

Is hard to describe a game without examples. But Sacred 1/2(3 is trash), Diablo 1/2, fate : undiscovered realms, DarkSTone(…) are far more diablo than diablo 3.

They wouldn’t have to read magical scrolls. But they could then have something similar to those, in ‘fighting technique books’ or whatever.

Actually it’s really easy, but you’re too wrapped up in “but this game has this and and…”

You can just go:

“I want the game to put focus on resource mangement, with mana as the main resource”
“I want stats allocation to be an active part of the game”
“I want mages to be naked demigods”

See it’s simple, but whenever you talk you trail off on every game made, even that little answer which could have been:

It had 8 games mentioned, and you ended with insulting diablo 3. This is why you should take a second and think about what you actually want and put that into words rather than directly try to describe games (many who you have barely played).

So again, try to do the same thing, but without any other games or media mentioned.

Then show me where in the rules it actually says this.

It’s made up because you do not get to decide what stats are meant to be for the average NPC. You’re trying to claim things are a very specific way that the game itself doesn’t actually state.

Again this is the balance I am talking about when you kept saying “BUT BALANCE IS BAD”.

I don’t care about the bad balance you keep going on about. It’s utterly irrelevant to my point.

I never said that wanna mages to be naked demigods.

Even in BG2 where people here insist that they are, a high level magician is at best strong enough as a Dark Lord of his dread demiplane. Strahd on 2e can cast the same high tier spells that a high level PC can cast(on 5e he got nerfed BTW. From a lv 16 necromancer specialized mage to a caster level nine guy)

Only one time
“I wanna a action focused role playing game with no handholding, with player agency, characters being important, not only what they wear(what they wear should be important but not as the characters) and where game mechanics are a good translation(not necessarily perfect translation) of the fictional world that the game is set in place, high high lethality combat, fast action, good atmosphere, and cool find to loot in a randomized loot system. When i mean cool things, is NOT ONLY gear. Tomes, runes, unique consumable potions, etc”

If i said that balance is bad, sorry; i changed my mind. Balance is good as longs is not the top priority.

It can generally live side by side with lore and mechanics when done properly.

Good balance leads to greater replayability since it means having more builds in the game being able to keep up.

It also helps the lore because like I’ve noted in the past, if something is stronger then most adventurers should be striving to be that thing. In the AD&D 2 world every adventurer should be trying to become a mage, even if it is difficult.

The barrier to becoming a mage is actually something most adventurers should be able to surpass anyway, and the ones that are lower on the INT scale can supplement with gear and potions.

Even a fighter/mage with 11-13 INT is going to be better off with spells like haste, even if they can’t cast the insanely powerful stuff.

Which based on dice probability, 50% of all adventurers should have 11 or more INT. 25% should have 13 or more.

In other words, there should be a lot more mages than there really is in AD&D 2 lore because the balance wasn’t that great.

You just don’t necessarily have to take away their fun toys to get balance. A lot of it would be buffing up the weakest of builds. A level 20 character probably should be kind of insane anyway. They’re approaching the point where literal godhood isn’t entirely off the table anymore.

Personally with Baldur’s Gate I find the funnest part of the game to be late game BG1 and early to mid game BG2. You’re past the somewhat boring low levels but you haven’t hit the late game which has balance that makes the game considerably less fun for me.

See, that wasn’t so hard was it, now if you can keep doing that and not dabble too much into different franchises, then maybe you can avoid getting called out on misinformation.

It’s fine to keep your opinions, atleast we can then argue with ours, but bringing other games into the discussion, especially the ones you haven’t played much yourself causes a lot of irritation.

That’s not to say you cannot briefly mention a game, but to the degree you do it it’s almost sickening.

Also bringing up the same point over and over again won’t win any hearts, that’s why we know what your reply is gonna be before you even type.

Well, i disagree. I know that people here hate examples, but is not uncommon for games, even mmos to present classes like “easy” to “hard” on character creation. DFO does that and DDO which doesn’t follow the rules does that too.

A low INT run on Fallout 1/2 is not optimal, however, is extremely fun to watch. Same with a half orc with low CHARISMA on Arcanum. It is not optimal but is fun. Fun is far more important than balance(not saying that balance is not important), that said, the major problem with martial classes on 2e/3e IMO is that they are boring. Tome of Battle made they more interesting but still not that interesting. A game which made martial classes very interesting is IMO Dragon’s Dogma. Even I who play as a caster in 99% of the time, found myself in love with RANGER class in that game.

Yep. You are right.

It’s fine to have classes that are easier or harder to play, but easy to play shouldn’t translate into the most powerful class in the game.

Paladins in Vanilla WoW were designed to be easy to play and they were good healers, but they weren’t better than a well played Priest and Alliance raids wanted both of them.

There’s also a difference between buffing up some of the weaker classes and builds that are more of a case of “You probably shouldn’t be doing this, but it’s stupid and fun so go nuts”.

The second one isn’t really a balance concern because it’s a self-imposed penalty on something that a normal player wouldn’t do.

Not every single combination of choices needs to be good. That’s not really what balance means for a game.

It would however be a problem if, for example, guns as a whole in Arcanum were just trash(I know they’re not, just an example).

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Something like this, where skills require a certain weapon to use, might have solved this whole problem in the first place:

Yes that’s one of stupidest themes of diablo 3, i just couldn’t stand that something like this happens in game called DIABLO

On BG2, there is no “most powerful (sub) class in the game”. Only fighters are weaklings. And back on 2e, the most popular class is not mages. Are paladins. Watch any SSI game stream and see, the MC is probably a Paladin. Clerics are also quite good. While mages needs to spend fortunes on scrolls, clerics can learn magic with his faith alone. Has higher hit points, better saves, weapon proficiency, self heal capabilities, can cast in armor without interference on his spells, better saves and require way less XP to level up.

Some people will say that it is unbalanced. AS i’ve said many times, balance is subjective. See how many people crying over MG42 and Panzerbüchse 39 on BF5, both aren’t the most INeffective weapon on kills per minute according to trackers…

Anyway, I don’t oppose ways to balance the game which doesn’t hurt the consistency of the game. For eg, Fallout New Vegas made .50 bmg high explosive round rare, available only in few merchants in very limited quantity and costing a lot. If instead of it, was a unlimited ammo on cooldown, it would’t make any sense.

My opinion is simple. If I an playing Warthunder with a Me 262, I wanna feel like I an piloting a plane even if piloting the plane is different and harder IRL. If I an playing a fantasy game as a necromancer, I wanna fell like I an in a necromancer in another (fictional) world.

Still very D3ish. I believe that D4 will bring skill levels back but will not be great like D2.

Justl ike D&D 4e got rid of spell slots in favor of at will/per encounter/per day with some at will spells on literally cooldowns and 5e bough spell slots back but they are not the same thing of 2e. I believe that a similar thing will happen with skill tree/tomes and skill levels when they are back on d4. They will be back but be vastly streamlined compared to previous iterations.

Note : Is not what I want. Is what i believe that will happens.

IMO people value immersion a lot. People invest a lot purchasing rigs like Oculus rift only to have a stronger immersion while piloting a plane in WT… MMOs doesn’t need to be immersive, because you have all the social aspect in the game.

Anything with friends is fun. Even the crappiest movie ever, can be fun, since you all can mock the movie.

Yep. The artstyle and mechanics of D3 are completely dissociated from what diablo should be…

One the first glance, yes, maybe, but I was assuming that this system would be combined with a Skill System like Last Epoch or Wolcen have, with Skill-specific Skill Points and Skill-specific Talents, similar to this:


The primary purpose of my previous post was to show that if skills in D3 had (more and more strict) weapon type requirements (and something like D4’s Arsenal System for each class)), then issues like a Monk putting weapons he uses back into his inventory when he is attacking with both fists (like on Way of the Hundred Fists) would not be a thing.

They were no monks on D1 only a warrior, mage and huntress.

Although other classes can do well, Sorcerer and Mage are arguably the most powerful. It’s not even just me that thinks this, as this is a pretty common sentiment among BG players.

There were unbalanced aspects about the Paladin, but the concept as a whole isn’t unbalanced that you have a class which is easier to play but doesn’t become the most powerful class in the game at what it can do.

Part of my argument is that good balance adds to the consistency and immersion of the game.

If .50 BMG rounds and Anti Materiel rifles were super easy to get in Fallout New Vegas, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense not to have a significant percentage of people in the wasteland use this very effective weapon.

The fact that it’s rare is a counter-balance to it, and it doesn’t ruin any builds to do that because sniper builds still have a variety of other less powerful options.

Yep. I loved the arsenal system. Makes perfectly sense that a weapon master(barb) can use more weapons than other characters. IMO each class should have his “unique stuff”

Anyway, Diablo 2 1.0 seems a way better game. At least according to this video.

Hellfire expansion has it.

In raw ofensive power, yes. However, Clerics in particular

  • Doesn’t need ultra expensive spell scrolls.
  • Has way higher hit points
  • Has way more spells which bypass MR.
  • Get a lot of powerful summons easy on, animate dead is a circle 3 cleric spell and a circle 5 mage spell
  • Can turn undead
  • Self heal
  • Require way less XP to level up
  • Can cast on armor
  • Get weapon proficiency, focused on blunt but blunt weapons are great on BG1/2.
  • Can continue listing.

Yep. On FNV, the most common weapon cartidge is like IRL. 556 for long weapons and 9mm for short weapons. And FNV has a good progression. You start the game with a 556 bolt action rifle in poor quality, clearly improvised. Then find a semi auto and in end game, is with bozar, marksman carbine and LMG’s. Compare this to FL 4 where you get a power armor in the beginning of the game and a freaking minigun.

Note that fallout lore establishes that power armor require a special training, is not just dress and use. On new vegas, get power armor training is a quest.

Anyway, IMO repeating(bolt action/pump action) would be the most norm in any post apocalyptic world, since they require less maintance and works better with poor quality ammo. Black powder is also far easier to make, but if people can maintain robots in a post apocalyptic world, they can make smokeless powder.